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Your guide to getting the compression socks for men that don’t suck

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The compression socks catalogue is not only for your grandma and grandpa anymore. With modern development in the science and technology of making compression socks, even serious ballers, marathon junkies, and  harcore fitness enthusiasts start wearing compression socks. These special type of socks used to be worn only upon the doctor’s advice, but nowadays, anyone, including you, can actually enjoy the benefits of wearing a good pair. Compression socks do more than just making you look athletic or enhance your physical performance. Basically, compression socks still do what it is known to do — help improve your blood circulation.

You may not notice it or make a big deal out of it, but standing or sitting for a long time, or doing strenuous physical activities may let you feel intense pain in your legs or feet. Much worse,  your legs and feet run the chance of becoming swollen. This happens when blood on the lower leg part and feet is having a hard time circulating. It may seem normal and not harmful at all, but in the long run, the swelling may result to more serious illnesses and injuries. Here comes why we need compression socks.

What are compression socks for?

If you’re wondering how a pair of socks can make a big difference not just in your performance, but also in your health, there’s nothing in it, but science. Compression socks are designed and created to put a measured amount of pressure on your legs to support blood flow. You know how gravity works, right? Our blood circulation is also affected by gravity. It’s easier for our blood to travel to the lower portion of our body, while becoming more difficult to circulate to the upper portion of our body because of gravity. It is more work for the heart to pump blood back to the upper portion of the body from the legs and feet. Compression socks regulate the pressure on your legs so it would be easier for blood to be pumped right back up to the upper portion of the body.


Aside from preventing or reducing the swelling of your lower leg, ankles, and feet, compression socks are used for several health benefits. People with poor blood flow in their legs caused by conditions such as varicose veins or lymphoedema (painful swelling of body tissue) are usually advised by their doctor to wear compression socks. Compression socks are also known to prevent venous blood pooling and blood clots.


The top 5 compression socks for men

Now that you know that compression socks ain’t just about the design, but that they really serve a purpose, you can’t just be picking out whatever compression socks you see randomly. Doing so might get you into more serious problem in the end.  It’s better to invest in quality compression socks because it is the improvement of your health that you are after. We’ve scoured several reviews, tests, and recommendations from various experts online to help you out in getting the best compression socks out there. So here’s what we recommend:



  • Physix Gear Sport

The Physix Gear Sport is made of antibacterial Lycra, a high quality fabric that is durable,comfortable, and odorless. It wicks away moisture, which means the socks are capable of pulling moisture (like sweat) from out of the body to the surface of the fabric so it can evaporate and dry faster. This brand is among the most durable option as the socks maintain great compression even after several washes.


  1. Vitalsox VT1211 Silver DryStat

The Vitalsox VT1211 Silver DryStat has graduated compression, which means it is designed to be firmer and compressed in the feet area and gradually ease in pressure towards the thigh. It has Plantar Ligament and Arch Support. The only concern about the Vitalsox VT1211 Silver DryStat is that it retains heat.  In terms of compression, it is on the low side.


  1. Sockwell Circulator

The Sockwell Circulator has four compression zones and absorbs moisture to keep the feet dry. It has a light cushioning and it has temperature regulation to keep your feet comfortable. The only concern about the Sockwell Circulator is its durability. It is noticeable that the threads loosen after several washes. The Sockwell Circulator offers moderate compression.


  1. A-Swift Graduated

Similar to Vitalsox, A-Swift Compression offers graduated compression. It has a light cushioning to keep the feet comfortable and the most compression is on the ankle area. A-Swift also has light padding on the ball and top of the foot to prevent bumps and also has moisture control. A-Swift comes in a variety of colors. Based on reviews, it is prone to shrinkage after several washes.


  1. Mojo Recovery and Performance

The Mojo Recovery and Performance offers medical grade compression. It has reinforced heel and toe to prevent tearing from constant use. Similar to Physix Gear Sport, this also wicks out moisture to keep the feet dry. With high quality fabric, the socks is comfortable to wear. The downside of Mojo Recovery and Performance is that its sizing runs on the small side.



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  1. Good list and I have tried two of the recommended products; however, there are plenty of other alternatives out there with a better quality to price ratio for compression gear. My favourite would be aZengear or Danish Endurance.

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