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Internet Relationships and 6 Rules for Dealing with Them

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Is an Internet relationship easier to manage than one in the real world? It’s obviously a lot more convenient since you touch base with your virtual partner simply by logging into your laptop or smart device and exchanging messages. And you can do this at any time of day, building online dating around other aspects of your daily routine. But in other respects, Internet relationships require due care, and can never be taken for granted. Here are six rules which need to be applied.

Give your date your full attention

With a medium such as Internet dating, where you are surrounded by choice, there will always be a temptation to immerse yourself in the experience. Like the proverbial kid locked inside a candy store, any newcomer might find themselves so spoiled for choice they end up trying to contact any number of singles. However, one golden rule is to treat the online version of dating the same as the offline one. Cultivate one-on-one relationships, and attempt to get to know a particular individual better.

Think of moving beyond text communication

The default form of touching base with another single on a matching site like this is by text messaging. But the advent of new communication software has opened up a whole new avenue of getting familiar with other clients. Video chatting applications now open up so many possibilities to experience much more intimate discussions. There is Skype, ooVoo, Google Hangouts, Kakao Talk, Camfrog, and many others, and the even better news is most of these are free.

Be aware of cultural nuances

One aspect of Internet matchmaking which draws in large numbers of site users is the ability to interact with singles from far-flung corners of the globe. They might well have grown disillusioned with chatting to people from their own neighborhood, and instead, crave the prospect of connecting with someone who speaks a different first language. With the advent of the aforementioned video chatting software, long-distance relationships can be managed so much more practically.

Connect in many different ways

Once you have established a strong channel of communication and level of trust, look to be exchanging more personal messaging platforms. Swap email addresses or phone numbers. At some stage, you could even forward friend invites for Facebook or other social media. This is another golden rule towards dealing with Internet relationships because it is a clear sign you’re both ready to take what you have to the next level. Once you’ve reached the stage you’re comfortable about chatting over the phone, a face-to-face meeting is just around the corner.

Maintain an air of spontaneity

One issue to be aware of is how Internet dating can fall into a routine. You come across someone whose profile photo and description strike a chord, so you start sending regular messages, gradually building a sense of chemistry. But never allow these exchanges to become habitual. Always be thinking of ways to catch your love interest off-guard. Send messages when they’re least expecting them, early in the morning or last thing at night.

Decide your ultimate goals early on

People approach dating sites for all manner of reasons. They might be looking for a no-strings-attached liaison or two, or they could be seeking a long-term love interest. If you want to make the most of your online dating experience, it would be worthwhile giving serious consideration to what your aspirations are. Obviously, these might well evolve over the course of time, but having some sort of goal from the outset will help focus your resolve as you interact with prospective partners.


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