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On line Dating: What Dating Men Want

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What men want in a relationship is entirely different from what women want. Women are looking for stability, while men are looking for more physical qualities when first meeting. What this means is that there’s no way to please both parties at once and single people need to cater their dating profile specifically to either gender and hope it resonates well enough with them.

In this article we’ll talk about the specific qualities men look for in women, how men fall in love and how to better market yourself in an online dating environment.

Setup The Best dating Profile

A good dating profile will make or break your dating experiences. Men want to see pictures that show your potential as a partner, such as you surrounded by friends or how well-traveled and cultured you are. If they can’t tell from the photos what kind of person you are, there is a missed opportunity to sell yourself. If you are a mountain biker, cook, yoga instructor or stay at home mom, use your photos to show this side of your life.

Refrain from using photos that don’t represent who you really are. This is about showing off your personality rather than who you wish you were.  Many men are attracted to women who show they can handle life, has many interests and hobbies that shows what she is passionate about.

Confidence In The Dating World Is A Winner

Since men want a woman with self-confidence, this means you should be confident in all the photos of yourself. If you don’t think your hair looks good or there’s something unflattering in the photo then don’t use it. This is not about hiding your true self, but rather showing a part of yourself that you are proud to be.

What you write in your profile is just as important as the photos that you use. This is your chance to really show who you are.  Express yourself and the quirks in your personality. This is an opportunity to share the things you love and want to do.

If you are serious about meeting someone, then focus on creating a dating profile that shows the relationship qualities he is looking for in a woman like independence, confidence and passion.

More or Less

The more information there is, the better chance of finding an authentic connection with somebody who shares your interests or values rather than trying to be something you’re not.

Think about what you look for in a profile from a guy.  Men and Women share many similar interests when it comes to dating. Men want someone they can feel confident with, who is fun and has good communication skills. The same goes for women, but there is one difference: that many more men are more physically attracted to women than women are focused on physical attraction.

Physical Attraction

This physical attraction is much more important when you are looking for a casual relationship and it becomes less significant once there is an emotional connection. But don’t forget where his mind is starting from as you write your profile or have your first meet.

For the most part, men react to what they see on a woman’s profile and then work backwards through the rest of her life. This is more than likely because he sees that physical attraction in women first and she has already won his attention with it before any other quality comes into play.

Forward Photos

So, if you feel like you are not being up front about your appearance this will only come back to haunt you down the road. Honesty is the best practice in this case.

Men want to know that there is a physical attraction as soon as possible in the relationship because they are looking for sex, not love. This means you have to be honest and upfront about your appearance from day one or it will cause problems down the road when he realizes how things really are at first glance.

A profile can either help of hinder your dating potential making it important to have one that is well-written and honest.


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