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The 5 Types of Pictures You Need on Your Online Dating Profile

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Both newbies and experts on dating profiles find it difficult to select the perfect pictures that will draw desirable attention. If you’re struggling to select a profile pic to showcase your best features and qualities, you can never go wrong with these 5 shots!

1) The Selfie

While some online dating platforms like Zirby warn against posting selfies, these pictures remain popular among dating app users. Selfies can capture raw moments and offer a sense of casualness. This casual air can help your suitors feel more comfortable when they glance over your profile.

While selfies are fair game, don’t overdo it. In general, it’s best to avoid overly-dramatic duck face and sparrow face poses. Also, dating app users may be turned off by selfies taken from high angles, as this form of picture-taking can distort your face and distract from what you really look like.

To stay relevant on dating apps, online dating coach Julie Spira recommends tweaking your profile at least twice a week. You can do this by regularly replacing outdated selfies. We recommend you get a phone with a quality camera and a sturdy phone case from so you can always have fresh snapshots and protection for your phone.


2) The Goofy Picture

It’s recommended to have at least one goofy picture on your dating profile. This picture can say something about your personality or sense of humor. Here are some ideas for a goofy picture you can upload:

  • A picture of you as a kid
  • A picture of you making a silly face
  • A funny image or meme that makes you smile

While one or two goofy pictures are okay, don’t flood your profile with these images. Too many of them may indicate that you’re trying to hide what you look like.


3) The Headshot

The headshot should ideally be your main profile picture. This simple photo should consist of just you, usually from the chest-up. For this picture, you should:

  • Smile. In a 2017 report, the dating app Hinge revealed that smiling is more likely to draw attention from users. The report found that women are 76% more likely to receive a like on Hinge when they smile with teeth. Men may experience success with a different approach, as they were 43% more likely to receive a like when they smiled without teeth.
  • Avoid wearing sunglasses or a hat. These accessories can draw attention away from your natural beauty. Allow potential suitors to see your face uncovered.
  • Wear your favorite shirt. While the headshot is a simpler shot, you still want to be presentable. Wearing your favorite shirt or outfit will help you get a satisfactory headshot.


4) The Full Body Shot

Your potential matches likely want to see all of you! Bring a friend along to a nice photoshoot spot like an attractive outdoor park or garden. Wear something sophisticated but not too over-the-top; aim for something you would wear on the first date.

If you feel uncomfortable posing, bring along flowers or another prop to hold. This will give your hands something to do and keep you from looking unnatural.


5) The Adventure Shot

Capture a moment of you at the beach or acting in a play. Adventure shots allow dating app users to show off doing what they love, which can be very attractive to potential suitors.

These are often the easiest shots to get, as you’ll appear happy and relaxed in an environment that makes you happy.


Ask a Friend for Their Opinion

If you’re ever stuck on which pictures to use, ask a friend for their opinion. They can offer a great outside perspective and help you get past your critical feelings of “Ugh, I look hideous in all of these!”. Now that you know the pictures that you need on your dating profile, head over to Single’s Space for the best online conversation starters.



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