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Ashley Rosen – Athlete and Lifestyle Brand Creator

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Ashley Rosen is the mastermind behind the lifestyle brand Fully Committed. From NYC, she’s amassed a large following for her balls to the walls charisma, fun antics when going out, and most importantly—her dedication and success in fitness and health.

Being Committed to the Right Things

What makes Ashley relatable is that unlike many lifestyle influencers who are all glamour and glitz, she has made the journey herself and is proud of having worked hard to get to where she is.

Having spent much of her early life battling addiction and stuck with the consequences of it, she truly knows what it means to struggle against the tide. A decade ago, Ashley—like so many Americans who suffer silently, was chancing death every day due to addiction-related issues.

Such is the case with people who are wild, difficult to temper, and unafraid of doing anything. Things can go off of the rails pretty fast. Thankfully, Ashley realized that if she didn’t make a change, she wouldn’t be around for much longer. Ashley realized that she didn’t have to live this way, so she underwent many positive internal shifts and turned her life around for the better. After working for many years in fashion, she cultivated a good business and marketing sense. Around this time, she became incredibly passionate about fitness and realized it was something she could dive into.

Do You Want to Be a Barbell Badass?

Known for her can-do attitude, Ashley Rosen’s Fully Committed is all about not being afraid to be yourself and to also push yourself to be the best that you can be.

This strong-minded mentality is what makes her workouts both grueling and effective. There’s nothing that can’t be accomplished with hard work and determination and Ashley is living proof of it.

She discovered crossfit and both powerlifting and olympic weightlifting. Powerlifting is centered around using low reps and heavy weights to achieve a strong, functional strength that can carry you through life. The same kind of strength that Ashley found in herself to turn her life around is likely what drew her to powerlifting. In powerlifting you prepare yourself, and then attack the weight with full force and all the energy you can muster.

She also became enamored with olympic weightlifting because she wanted to become the best athlete she could be. To do this, she consulted with coaches, nutrition experts, and just about any kind of specialist that can provide insight into food and recovery. Through this she became an exceptional athlete and fitness role model for the 300+ thousand followers she has on Instagram who tune in for her workouts, dieting tips, and humor.

Beyond Fitness

But if you asked her she’d tell you this: Fully Committed isn’t just about being fit or eating right. It’s more than that, it’s about how you choose to approach life. The brand was developed around wanting to give 110% of yourself to something. You can learn how to do that through following the workouts and being inspired by the principles behind them.

On her site, you can find tutorials on everything from training to beauty to wellness and nutrition. Learn more about Ashley, here.


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