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International Yoga Day: The perfect day to change up your workout routine

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For those of you looking to get into shape, get back into shape, or just tweaking your already active lifestyle, Yoga is the way to go. As I have mentioned before, the time has passed where it was commonly known as a feminine workout. Classes are getting more dominated by men, and that might be because men are finally realizing the amazing results driven by a combined weight lifting and Yoga routine.

International Yoga Day

With that said, what better way to get started than celebrating International Yoga Day. Some might ask, but what do I wear? And as if Yoga alone isn’t doubted enough amongst men, I’m going to take the plunge and also recommend Lululemon. Some of you maybe aware that they have now began targeting to men — that might be due to that uptick in men who practice Yoga that I mentioned.

There is much more to lululemon than just clothing. Lululemon goes out, connects and builds authentic relationships with the communities surrounding their stores. Hence why I’m a tremendous fan of the brand. Their leadership like Max Smilie, the men’s manager of Lululemon Yorkdale, leads ontario’s largest men’s selection in a collocated space. He’s leading the charge against the way men think of Yoga and Lululemon, and educating on the fact that this is something that goes way beyond just practicing yoga.

Quite honestly, if you raided my wardrobe all you would fine is lululemon clothing. It’s pretty much all I wear, both in and outside of the gym. I’m borderline a Lululemon enthusiast. Already converting or in the process of converting some of my guys into addicts, and they’re all glad I did.

Yoga Gear

One of my favorite pieces to wear is there Metal Vent items, they’re breathable and move with me whether I’m lifting, or doing yoga.

Lululemon Metal Vent Long Sleeve Shirt
Metal Vent Tech Long Sleeve Henley (Lululemon)

What’s outstanding about their apparel, is the Four-Way Stretch fabric. It allows you to move and not feel restricted in your every movement. With it, you can feel free to get under the bar for some deep squats, do endless lunges until you collapse, or box jump your heart out, because this stuff won’t rip or tear that easily. If you don’t know what four-way stretch or their abrasion resistant gear is, make your way into a Lululemon store and prepare to have your mind blown!

Lululemon has really stepped up their game to cater to all movement practitioners. Whether in the gym, practicing yoga, running, or any other physically activity you can think of. Believe me, they have you covered!

Outside of the studio, or gym, you can catch me galavanting in my Lululemon apparel too. It’s not typically known for its everyday wear, but they have that covered as well. One of my favorites is their 5 year basic tee, which is made of their own designed vitasea™. It moves and stretches with me, which fits me just the way I like. They offer your go to everyday pant with the ABC’s, and if you don’t know what those acronyms mean, check it out on their website – you’ll get a laugh out of their cheeky humor. If you want to go with more of a office look or need something a bit more dressed they have the commission pant, which looks like regular dress pants, but act and feel like your favorite activewear pants for the gym.

Lululemon has been working to build a community connection. If you go into your local store, you will see their community board with numerous local events that they host or local collaborations within the community that they are supporting. From local launch celebrations, yoga classes, running clubs, workshops to fitness classes that they support.

I was invited recently to teach yoga at the “This is Lululemon” event to its local community. For those of you not familiar with “The Local”, their new male targeted retail stores, find the closest one and head to it! The local is Lululemon’s men only store and they offer a seating area with wifi to get your work done, ping pong, record player for that old school feel, books, puzzles, and did I mention a bar?

Well guys, don’t miss out on the local events in your area for International Yoga Day, and maybe even ending it off with a cold one at, “The Local” nearest you after picking up some new gear!

Stay tuned for more next week.


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