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The Non-Visible Perks That Spawn from Consistent Exercise

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The Power of Physical Exercise: Strengthening Your Inner Warrior

If you’re an active ambitious being who aims to maximize your time in the flesh, you must habitually focus on maintaining perpetual strength, both mental and physical, throughout the entirety of your experience on earth. The more power you have, in both body and mind, the easier it becomes to attain whatever it is you desire.

In life, a lot of us ‘driven souls’ strive for tangible evidence to showcase our ability to effectively manifest our ideal reality. We seek out a car that’s intimately identical to the one Bruce Wayne zooms around-in in the Batman movies. In our free time, we routinely visualize healthily waking up in a Gatsby-like home, and often dream about customarily dressing like Jay himself, while sauntering the sphere next to a woman that’s strikingly similar to Elvira Hancock in Scarface.

When it comes to our physical character, we zero-in on sculpting our biceps like Popeye, and our chest like The Incredible Hulk. We want our traps angled like the Great Pyramid of Giza, and our abdominal muscles designed like the parallel lines on a standard chalkboard.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with seeking out visible rewards, I’ve found that, through both research and firsthand experience, the palpable blessings that you receive in the three-dimensional space have a direct relationship with your ability to bolster up your non-visible attributes. In other words, your disguised skills, those that you control on the inside, are the ones that you need to max out if you aspire to efficiently cultivate your optimal lifestyle. Without a sharp mind, strong attitude, ability to think positively, fresh figure, healthy heart, or solid concentration-skills, it becomes ever-so-difficult to realize your ambitions.

With that obvious notion laid-out and understood, it is imperative that we all regularly focus on nurturing our inner-being so that we can productively, and energetically, live out our dreams and desires. Life is a race against time, and you only get one crack at it, so it is ever-so-important to frequently put stamina towards developing your in-house spirit to ensure that you are in the best position for success.

Now, in order to achieve our aim of strengthening our inherent skills, we must pose the following question: Is there an activity that, universally, we can all put energy towards on a daily basis that will naturally elevate the warrior within? Fortunately, as it turns out, the answer is yes, and that incredible act is commonly referred to as physical exercise.

By dedicating just 20 minutes a day to a legitimate aerobic activity like running, walking, rowing, cycling, or swimming, all functioning fellows will see a physical increase to the size of their hippocampus. For anyone unaccustomed to the neuroscience space, the hippocampus is a supreme structure in your brain that is accountable for your ability to absorb, and preserve, all incoming information. Past data has shown that the dimensions of one’s hippocampus are directly correlated with one’s IQ, meaning that the larger your hippocampus is, the more likely it is that you’ll develop strong logical, and problem-solving, skills.

Speaking of the brain, consistent energy spent towards any aforementioned aerobic activity will naturally provide your cranium with a boost of serotonin. This effective neurotransmitter spontaneously affects our mood, and the more of it we have in our brain, the better off we will be. Apart from having a profound impact on our happiness, researchers in this field have found that one’s serotonin status can also play a vital role in determining their level of self-belief.

Beyond the convoluted brain structure, whenever you engage in a spirited workout, your heart pumps at an upbeat rate, and your circulation increases. This combination allows for the oxygenated blood in your being to effectively, and expeditiously, travel to your muscles, which grants an uptick in oxygen to your cerebellum. While often overlooked, those who consistently consume a high rate of oxygen to their brain through physical exercise have been linked with substantial cognitive function skills, and potent mental abilities.

All this to say, before you focus heavily on acquiring your observable objectives, take 20 minutes out of your day to ensure that your physical, mental, and emotional attributes are where they need to be. Without a solid foundation, it becomes very difficult to experience our aspirations.

If you’re curious, and would like to learn more about the non-visible perks that spawn from consistent exercise, check out my new book, Functional Training For The Mind.

By: Jeremy Bhandari



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