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Comparing Nano, Costco, Phonak and MD Hearing Aids

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Hearing loss affects 50% of the population after the age of 75 and is more prevalent in men. Even though the damage that causes age-related hearing loss cannot be reversed, hearing loss can be corrected with the help of hearing aids.聽

Consisting of a microphone, amplifier, receiver, and battery, all in one tiny space, hearing aids are very discreet. The microphone sends the sounds it picks up from the surrounding environment. They are converted to electrical signals, sent to the amplifier to be boosted, and then sent to the inner ear.聽

When choosing hearing aids, consumers need to compare brands and types of hearing aids, especially their features. Price comparisons are also important since many insurances don鈥檛 cover the cost of hearing aids.聽

When comparing hearing aids, reviews are important and help consumers with details like their functionality, manufacturers’ adherence to free trial periods, warranties, and hearing aid effectiveness.聽


Consumers need to be wary of incredible claims, especially those that promise complete hearing restoration. Pick the best set of hearing aids 鈥 and you will save a lot of time going forward.

Comparing hearing aids

Nano Hearing Aid Reviews

Nano hearing aids is a well-established market-leader in the U.S. which managed to capture a large share of the online digital hearing aids market. Nano devices are constantly getting 5-star ratings in consumer reviews. The company helps veterans and is an American favourite.聽

Nano hearing aids are medical-grade, combining nano-microchip technology, comfort, discreetness, and sound quality at a cost of approximately 80% less of the national average. Prices range between $397 and $997 for a pair. The various models incorporate digital sound processing, background noise reduction technology, directional microphones (some have two), sound environment settings, and feedback cancellation.聽

A popular model with excellent customer reviews is the award-winning Nano X2 Recharge. This hearing aid combines excellent sound quality.聽 The recently introduced Nano Sigma also has a wireless control app that also runs a hearing test and sets the hearing aids to its results with one click.聽

Nano customer reviews indicate that the company adheres to its 45-days money-back guarantee and warranties. By cutting out the middleman, Nano digital hearing aids remain affordable. Customers positively review the hearing aids for their sound quality, affordable prices, secure online transactions, easy to buy and use, and excellent pre-and after-sales customer service. Their new product releases are popular in the news too.聽

Costco Hearing Aid Reviews

Costco sells hearing aids at its in-store hearing aid centers across the U.S. Besides its brand of Kirkland hearing aids, Costco also sells Phonak, Rexton, GN Resound, and Phillips hearing aids.聽

The Kirkland is their most popular brand and is manufactured by Sonova for Costco. It retails at $1,499 a pair and is the most affordable of the hearing aids carried by the retailer. All the other brands typically cost between $1,249 and $1,499 per hearing aid.聽

Customers need to go to a Costco store for screening by an audiologist or hearing aid specialist. Costco hearing aid reviews indicate that customers are happy with the sound quality of their hearing aids. They like that Costco carries a variety of hearing aids available and offer services like testing, cleaning, and device warranties. However, reviewers indicate that the devices are locked and can only be re-programmed by an in-store hearing specialist, something that is not always practical.聽

Phonak Hearing Aids Reviews

Phonak hearing aids are globally known and they were the first company to introduce a rechargeable battery. Phonak prices vary for their various models and styles but cost between $3,000 and $6,500 a pair.聽

Even though most reviews indicate that most Phonak hearing aid models have good sound quality, they cannot be self-programmed and some consumers have had problems with batteries and push-buttons.聽 According to Phonak hearing aids reviews, consumers find it difficult to price them online, they are unaffordable and offer the same quality as cheaper brands. Consumers also find it inconvenient that they can only be purchased through audiologists or Costco.

MD Hearing Aids Reviews

A lesser known company selling cheap hearing aids is MD Hearing Aid. The hearing aids can be bought online and start at an affordable $399 for a pair. They are programmed by an in-house audiologist, but volume and settings can be adjusted by the user.聽

Even though some MD Hearing Aids reviews indicate some problems with their batteries and noise levels of the hearing aids, the company’s three affordable models do offer good sound quality for cases with mild-to-moderate hearing loss. People tend to like their fit and 45-day risk-free trial, yet returning a set and having to re-order a from another company can take time.

Where else can hearing aids be bought?聽

Other well-known companies selling hearing aids are Amazon and eBay. They sell various models, both locally manufactured and imported. These websites can also be used for accurate and verified reviews on some hearing aid models.

Avoid hearing aid scams and do your research. Don鈥檛 buy a brand that does not have many online reviews: follow the wisdom of the crowd 鈥 the largest crowd for sure.聽



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