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4 Great ways Realistic sex dolls can help you overcome grief

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Sex dolls are now the bomb! Many grieving lonely men and widowers now find comfort in these life-like robots that are customized to look like a real partner or a departed partner.

Officials at Kanadoll the Chinese based manufacturer of a fully customizable sex doll- claimed that apart from customized orders for celebrity dolls, another popular request they get is for love dolls that resemble a departed spouse.

It is now common that lonely men and grieving widowers are getting more comfortable using realistic sex dolls. These people appreciate the technology that makes these dolls respond to human touch, body movement, and even have an orgasm.

Widowers are always so emotional that they customize everything to look like their departed wives. From the doll’s hair color to the skin tone and eye color (even the pubic hair).

Surprisingly, there is the news of a few widowers who later remarried, but to their sex dolls. Reason being that it saved them from the grief of loneliness that accompanies the death of their partner. This may sound insane, but what could be better than what makes one happy?

Here are 4 surprising ways sex dolls have helped thousands of men (if not more) escape the depressing grief of loneliness or for the death of their dear wife.

  1. They provide Stress and anxiety relief 

There’s always the stress, anxiety, and depression that comes with being lonely or the passing away of a beloved one.

Biologically, love, and orgasm is a crucial need for humans and can be dangerous when such needs are unable to be met.

These sex beauties have gone through necessary advancement rather than their previous inflatable figure with ugly mouths.

According to the Kanadoll sex doll online store, “Over 50 percent are those who requested a custom love doll for a family member, ” “That’s a perfect definition of a true companion, and that’s basically why we call it True companion.” He added.

However, if you want to purchase a high-quality love doll, you’ll find a plethora of choices to make.

While AI integrated and realistic dolls are not mainstream: however, many men and even women now use dolls to combat anxiety and loneliness. The good thing is that having a relationship with a sex doll will not destruct your romantic affair with a partner; rather, it spices things up and makes the lovely outcome a much better one.

Whenever you introduce love dolls into your romantic relationship, it mostly depends on how partners open up to each other to accept an inanimate third party to help them fulfill their fantasies.

  1. They gives hope

A huge number of lonely men and women out there use realistic dolls, so they find it more suited to be in a relationship with an inanimate object rather than a real partner, which they think it’s beyond the scope. This beautiful creature can help stop depression for anyone who suffers from social anxiety. What most owners love about sex dolls is how obedient and available they always are. There’s no fear of arguments, jealousy, or blackmailing when you’re with these life-like beauties.

And when you’re on the go and would love to accompany these life-like robots, you can go for several pocket-friendly love dolls that can be found at different online stores. They help men to experience more love and less loneliness

These creatures provide the perfect choice for people who have lost the hope of having an excellent romantic relationship with a real partner or don’t just have the required skill to build or maintain a relationship, or simply want a better love pleasure.

Many people usually think of love doll owners as love addicts or perverts, but they don’t really understand many reasons why they keep these beautiful dolls.

  1. They make you feel heard

Many men are going through personal issues of insecurity and social anxiety. However, they get along easily with realistic adult-looking dolls, which is a better way to experience love release and gratification. Sex dolls help those who feel stressed and threatened to express their feelings and feel heard.

When in the company of this beautiful creature, they can be assured that they won’t be judged based on how attractive or how desirable they are.

4. They are great companions

Talking love robots are an excellent companion to be with.

However, talking robots are not only merely for sexual gratification.

“80% is mainly for social, which means the interaction and it is a little conversational and mundane, ” he added. ” but well, maybe around 10-20% is for the real physical affair with the doll, and that’s from a sexual aspect.”

“Many customers are only people who are looking to experience companionship, a warm embrace, and a caring touch.”

These sex dolls feature multiple personality settings and have the intelligence to learn “its owner’s likes, dislikes, and overall interest”

She reacts to human touch, and all the parts of her body move. She can also experience orgasm.

“Like a real human, she also has her own mood during the day. She can sleep, become conventional, or even ” be horny.”

Owners can have everything customized, starting from hairstyle to hair color to eye color skin tone- and in fact, pubic hair.

Even women are not left out, too. They can also enjoy a male counterpart, usually available at a similar price range. If you’re looking for a companion, you want her to be as lively as she can.

Many sex doll owners have credited these mannequins with helping their life get back on track.

“We have seen our customers get married to their dolls, saying that we have helped them get back their lives when they saw nothing worth living for. ” according to a kanadoll spokesman.

And as a married man, before bringing a sex doll into your life, you must understand how to introduce these dolls to your partner and then buy from a reputable source. So go for a love doll now and overcome your anxiety or grief with these life-like beauties.


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