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5 Reasons Why You Need To Get In Shape

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In the last 6 months I鈥檝e managed to lose 15kgs as part of a get in shape type of challenge I set to myself. You all know I do amazingly well with the ladies but has this effort really done anything in that arena?

To give you an idea, I鈥檓 6ft 1inches tall (185cm) and 6 months ago I weighed in at 91kg. Granted, I wasn鈥檛 really fat but I did have a very visible belly and some manboobs. 15kg鈥檚 lighter, I鈥檝e got an 8pack and am as most would call it, very fit. I鈥檝e never been into big muscles and always aimed for a skinnier but ripped type body.

That being said, let鈥檚 look at what getting in shape can do to you when it comes to scoring more women.


1.聽聽聽聽聽聽 Sky High Confidence

The better you look physically the better you鈥檒l feel mentally. It鈥檚 just how we are as men. If you look and feel amazing, you鈥檒l know it and radiate it from within. Your confidence will be sky high and all the women around you will feel it.

2.聽聽聽聽聽聽 You will get A LOT more looks

Women like to check out great looking men in the same way you like to check out hot women. If you look amazing, women will notice you. They鈥檒l actually stare at you in hopes that you鈥檒l notice them doing it and approach them for a chat. Also, because so many women eye ball you, you鈥檒l have a fantastic chick pool to choose from.

3.聽聽聽聽聽聽 Women will approach you

In my past articles I鈥檝e mentioned that I鈥檝e hardly been approached. I mentioned that I always had to approach women and that you should always do the same. I still believe that, but looking this good has seriously ranked up that approach count. I鈥檝e literally had women come up to me at least once a week. It may not sound as much but from 6 or so approaches in my life, to 1 a week鈥 that鈥檚 an outstanding increase.

4.聽聽聽聽聽聽 You鈥檒l bang more women

Sure that may sound obvious but looking good makes it easier for you to close. If she鈥檚 physically attracted to you it means that she鈥檒l also be easier to seduce which means you really do need less game to score. You can make more mistakes, say a few stupid things but she鈥檒l still be there because 鈥渙mg this guy looks so amazing鈥.

5.聽聽聽聽聽聽 You鈥檙e going to get a LOT better at game

Looking good will bring you a lot more women which automatically means you鈥檒l be forced to improve your game. Getting all those looks in a club will force you to do something. Talking to girls more often will force you to improve your conversational skills. In short, looking good will make you better with women.

*The list above represents short term benefits. They are short term because once you open your mouth, if you sound like a retard; you鈥檙e still going to be a retard, regardless of how amazing you look.

How To Get In Shape

First of all I want to mention that I鈥檓 in no way a fitness expert nor am I a gym buff. I manage to lose weight and look good through trial and error and I鈥檓 going to share my views on it because it worked for me.

6 Pack Abs are made in the kitchen

I鈥檝e read this statement on the internet so many times but I still never believed it. Thousands of ab crunches with almost no effect later and I can confidently say that it鈥檚 better to eat right than do 鈥渁bs workouts鈥 if you ever want them to be visible.

Forever Hungry

What you eat and how much you eat matters a LOT. To keep things simple, stay away from sugar (juices, ice cream, sweets etc) and junk food (burgers, mcdonalds, any fast food, crisps etc). If you manage to cut these things out, you鈥檒l be half way there.

The next part is basically living your entire life with a feeling of hunger in your stomach. This may sound extreme but is in fact, a lot easier (at least for me) than eating 6 calculated meals a day. I mean, who has time to cook 6 meals a day? Instead of doing that, just force yourself to eat a lot less. Don鈥檛 starve yourself but in those 3 meals a day, eat enough to NOT be exactly full. In time, you鈥檒l get used to this and it will seem much easier.

An easy tip on how to achieve this, don鈥檛 keep shit in your fridge. If you鈥檝e got 3 salamis there, you鈥檙e going to eat sandwiches (bread and that salami). If you鈥檝e got no salamis there, you鈥檙e NOT going to eat bread all by itself. No cured meats and spreads in the fridge will reduce your 鈥渟nack鈥 meals by 100%.

Work Out Every Day

Obviously this was coming but here鈥檚 the hard truth about it. You should aim to work out at least 30 minutes every day. To keep things a LOT simpler just do 150 or so pushups in 4-5 sets (if you can) and 150 squats again in same number per set. Do this each day before you eat breakfast. It won鈥檛 last more than 30 minutes and is ENOUGH.

If you feel like you鈥檝e got it, do some before at lunch as well.

If you really really feel like you鈥檝e got it, do a workout routine. I did INSANITY and it was amazing. Keep in mind that working out without a diet (or at least what I鈥檝e mentioned above) is almost useless. The insanity workout is 9 weeks, 6 days a week, 1 hr a day and it鈥檚 absolutely insane. First 9 weeks I did it, I didn鈥檛 keep a diet and wasn鈥檛 forever hungry. I lost 2 kg鈥檚. You can lose that much after you take a shit so basically it was useless. Yes I was feeling fit; meat stayed better on me but at the end of the day, fat was there.

I actually lost a lot more and started to have abs visible when I just did the pushups and squats. When I realized that it must be the diet, I started doing that workout again and BY god how things changed. Insanity program provides you with a diet, but it鈥檚 more science fiction than reality, I鈥檓 guessing normal people don鈥檛 eat anything close to what they say in that menu, let alone the 6-8 cooked meals a day routine鈥

However, keeping a diet is KEY. As a rule of thumb it鈥檚 20% workout and 80% diet.

Keep in mind that the INSANITY workout is incredibly intense. If you鈥檙e seriously overweight, consult your doctor before attempting that because you鈥檒l pass out/get heart attack after the first 20 minutes.

Keep Your Mind In The Game

It鈥檚 hard to stay motivated and believe me I know it. Force yourself to want it, wake up and while you鈥檙e washing your face think about the workout you鈥檙e going to do and how amazing you鈥檒l look after it. Working out shoots endorphins in the brain (similar to sex, food and coke) so, as long as you stick to it, it will become addictive in the long run.

There you have it, 5 reasons why it鈥檚 worth it to get in shape and a really easy to follow 鈥済et in shape and lose some weight鈥 plan that鈥檚 going to get you results as long as you鈥檙e forever hungry.

This is the sort of stuff I discuss on my blog and in the free eBook I give out. If you want to increase your success with women, visit 鈥 a place where the dating mindset is thrown out the window in favor of more direct and fruitful methods of meeting and seducing women.


Written by: Alex Matlock



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