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How is it Living in Phoenix, AZ?

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Ever wonder what life is like in Arizona’s capital? I’m here to give you the honest truth about the good, the bad, and the ugly of living in the city of Phoenix.

JJMAXM Phoenix Arizona skyline

The Good

Affordable housing – Compared to many other places in the country, the state of Arizona generally has very affordable housing options. That’s particularly true for Phoenix, a major American metropolis with a population of more than 1.6 million residents. Add to that the fact that the city has a low cost of living and a strong, tech-driven economy, and it’s easy to see why apartments and houses for rent in Phoenix are on a lot of up-and-comers’ radars.

Fun activities When you’re packing as many diverse and energetic people into a single place as Phoenix does, there’s an ever-present need to keep folks entertained. Fortunately, Phoenix has fun activities to spare. Those with a love for the great outdoors will find no shortage of options for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, boating, and off-roading. Those who prefer to party hard, meanwhile, will find a vibrant nightlife full of clubs, bars, live music, and dancing.

The Bad

High crime – As the fifth largest city in America, it’s not surprising that Phoenix has a problem with crime. That doesn’t make it any less concerning. Though Phoenix police data reports a significant drop in crime in recent years, the city overall has a noticeably higher crime rate than the national average, including both violent crime and property crime. Many suggest that this is due to Arizona’s proximity to the Mexican border, which makes Phoenix a popular entry point for drug smugglers.

Struggling education – Of all 50 American states, Arizona ranks at 39th overall. Not a great showing. This, of course, affects Phoenix’s own education system, which is struggling. Sure, colleges like the University of Phoenix and other private institutions offer local students valuable learning opportunities. Public education options, however, have long been drastically underfunded.

The Ugly

Brutal heat – The entire state of Arizona has a reputation for being a dry, arid place with a merciless sun and miles of barren red desert. While that reputation is definitely exaggerated in a lot of ways, in other ways it’s frustratingly accurate. While Phoenix enjoys a dry heat, which thankfully means no humidity weighing you down, the temperature can still be too much for some people to take. Even many Phoenix natives would rather lock themselves indoors with their air conditioner than brave the burning summer sun.

Dust storms – The other big way that Phoenix and other Arizona cities live up to their rugged portrayal in old Western movies and the like is by way of haboobs. What the heck is a “haboob”? A haboob is what Arizona locals call the dangerous, visibility-blocking dust storms that high winds sometimes sweep up from the surrounding desert lands. Those living with respiratory problems should especially be mindful, as it’s easy to breathe in small grains of sand, which can cause serious issues in the lungs.


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