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4 Side Hustles To Get You Some Extra Cash

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Are you wanting or needing to make extra cash on the side of your normal 9-5? Most people nowadays have another source of income as the price of living goes up but the living wage stays roughly the same. If you are interested in getting a side hustle here are four ideas that might give you a head start.

Remember that whatever side hustle you do unless it’s through a company you are classed as self employed so you must file your taxes yourself.


If you have any interests then you could become a freelancer. You can do absolutely anything as a freelancer, from art to writing. If you enjoy what you do you may as well make some money from it. You might love writing so a freelance writer position will be great for you, you could do something like blogger outreach where you write content for other people’s blog sites. Put a profile up on the many freelance sites and watch as the jobs roll in. There are also sites where you put an offer in to do the work for the client.  


Blogging is an easy way to make some extra money if you are good at what you do. If you have a niche blog then you can target it towards a specific audience. For example if you have a travel blog or a food blog then you will be reaching out towards the cooks and travelers. You could also reach out to everybody and have a blog containing a bit of everything. To make your site totally accessible you should add a search bar so people can easily find what they are looking for. To make money from a blog you can have a link to your store, if you sell stuff or you can boost other people’s businesses and have links to their pages on your site.


You could be looking into investing in property which is a good market to be in, it means you will have a constant stream of money coming in from the properties you own and manage. To keep costs low you could go in on property investment with someone else or a big group of you.

Another form of investing that could have a big turnaround is cryptocurrency. You might have heard about the dogecoin price rising significantly when Elon Musk mentioned it, it then crashed unfortunately but that is the risk you take when dealing with cryptocurrencies. If you click the link then you can see how much the cryptocurrency dogecoin price is and how much you can get if you invest. 

Homemade Items

Finally, if you are a natural at creating different bits and bobs then why not make stuff you can sell? You can sell just about anything online, from portraits to candles. Whatever you decide to sell you can set up a social media page to advertise them on and show your followers what you have been up to. Personalized items are often a favorite amongst buyers and during busy times of the year your order books could be full. Word of mouth will get you more and more orders coming in as well.


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