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Five Great Hobbies That Get You Outside

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The pandemic that we’ve been in for the last year has encouraged some pretty interesting hobbies among everyone. Everyone you meet may feel involved in interesting, exciting and unusual hobbies, but what about you?

If you’ve noticed anything, it’s that the hobbies most people have come up with in the past year are mostly indoor hobbies. Sometimes, you need a good hobby that gets you outside, and that means being open to the new skills that you can learn outside.

Being outdoors once again is a treat. You can bet that you can learn freshwater fishing, canoeing, rock climbing and more when you are outdoors, and having the chance to learn new skills is a huge deal. You get to get into nature and feel fantastic while you engage in something that fulfils your mind, body and spirit. Below, we’ve put together a few new hobbies that will allow you to enjoy yourself outdoors for a change!

Image source: Pexels

1. Hiking. Whether you go on a long walk along the beach with your feet in the ocean, or you choose to head to the hilltops and fields, hiking is the perfect way to get some exercise, see the scenery and challenge yourself in nature in one fell swoop. You can take yourself on an adventure and make your hiking as easy or as difficult as you like – it all depends on what you want to get out of it. If you want to make it more interesting, take a metal detector along with you!


2. Paintball. This one is as much a hobby as it is good fun! Paintball teaches you precision and it teaches you that you can have fun and work in a team at the same time. You will end up in pretty great shape with regular paintballing sessions, too, as you will be taking the stings and getting hit regularly! You need to be agile, moving around properly so that you can ensure that you are able to get what you need from your new hobby.

3. Cycling. As with hiking, switch your trails to cycling ones. Challenge your body and your balance and get out there on a bicycle to exercise and feel good while you see the sights and get some exercise. You can get some fresh air in your lungs and take yourself down the correct winding roads for fun.

4. Surfing. If you are living near enough to the water, why not take some surfing lessons and learn to stand up on a board? You can learn to tame the waves and feel as if you’re flying, and you can ensure that you are feeling exercised and happy at the same time. There is a lot of happiness to be had in the hobby of surfing, and there are tons of benefits to learning to surf, too.

5. Gardening. Lastly, why not take up gardening? It’s a great way to get outside, to be in nature and to feel wonderful for it. You can bet that you will be able to see some benefits in you and in the changing garden in front of you. There are plenty of videos online to show you how to make changes in the garden for the better!


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