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Meeting The Family: How To Get Through Your First Holiday Gathering

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Your partner has asked you to join them for a holiday gathering to meet their family this year. You’re flattered that they’re ready to introduce you to their loved ones but feel immense pressure. Wanting nothing more than to make a good first impression, you start questioning everything from your wardrobe and appearance to your etiquette and conversation. Before overwhelming yourself with anxiety, consider these tips to get through your first holiday gathering.

Stay True To You

Don’t allow the pressures of meeting your partner’s family cause you to lose sight of yourself. Although it’s natural to want acceptance and validation, changing who you are at the core to fit in is a tactic that does more harm than good. Lying, pretending, and exaggerating the truth are temporary solutions. It may pull the wool over their eyes and give you the green light you desire, but you’ll grow tired of trying to keep up appearances as time passes.

Stay true to yourself. Let your authentic personality and character shine. Express yourself, share your interests, and don’t be afraid to own your shortcomings. You’ll find that people will like and respect you more when you’re unapologetically you. Even if the family disapproves, you’ll feel good knowing you gave it your best.

Step-Up Your Fashion And Grooming

You must put forth your best effort when it comes to your appearance. No one is asking you to wear a designer suit and tie, but showing up in an old sweatsuit and rundown sneakers isn’t appropriate. You’re a guest in someone’s home and, more importantly, a representation of your significant other. Below are a few suggestions for taking your hygiene, grooming, and style to the next level. 

  • Hair Care – Instead of doing your hair yourself, schedule an appointment with your barber or hair stylist for a neat, clean, and professional look. Now may not be the time to experiment with new styles, but there’s something about a fresh cut, taper, or clipped ends that add to your appearance. 

  • Manicures – Dirty, split, brittle, and chewed nails are unappealing and noticeable. Getting a manicure does wonders, as salons have all the tools and equipment to give you healthy, shiny, well-trimmed nails and soft hands.

  • Casual Attire – Unless an upscale dress code is required, sticking to a casual style for a family gathering is ideal. You could opt for something like a pair of raw denim jeans, a turtleneck, and a chunky sweater. Finish your look with simple yet attractive jewelry.

  • Men’s Fall Shoes – Leave the rundown athletic shoes in your closet and opt for some of this year’s trendiest men’s Fall shoes. A leather low-top sneaker, suede bootie, or textured loafer will pair well with any casual attire you’ve chosen.

  • Cologne – Fragrance is a sometimes overlooked yet essential fashion component. It draws attention, boosts confidence, and helps to make a positive impression. When choosing colognes for a family gathering, it’s best to keep it simple. Wearing something too loud or potent could be a distraction. However, a cologne with notes of musk, vanilla, citrus, and sandalwood will do the trick.

Etiquette And Chivalry Matter

The idea that nice guys finish last is a myth. To make a good impression on your partner’s family, it’s essential to maintain the proper etiquette and practice chivalry. Showing up on time, bringing a gift for the hosts, saying “sir” or “mam,” offering your assistance, and displaying good manners will earn you brownie points like you never thought possible.

Enjoy The Experience

Lastly, let your guard down and enjoy the experience. Allowing the pressure to overwhelm you causes you to miss out on meeting new people and creating positive memories. Socialize, participate in fun activities, and enjoy a good meal.

Feeling anxious about meeting the family is normal. However, you won’t receive favorable outcomes if you allow your mind to go overboard. Remember to be yourself and utilize the advice above to make a lasting impression that will have your partner’s loved ones thrilled to welcome you to the family. 


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