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The Best Cannabis Seeds For Sale In 2021

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Growing marijuana can be a gratifying process for cannabis cultivators.  As its nickname suggests, the plant is quite literally a weed and can grow easily in most climates with proper care.  Suppose the idea of growing your own cannabis plant intrigues you.

In that case, there are two major areas you’ll want to have knowledge on: what the laws in your region are surrounding the types of cannabis you’re allowed to purchase and grow, and where you buy your cannabis seeds.

Finding the best cannabis seeds for sale starts with research.  Know the type of seeds you want to buy and which breeders are known for cultivating high-quality genetics.  It’s crucial to find a seed bank that has a good reputation according to past customers and reviews.  There’s a lot of grey area in the process of finding cannabis seeds. This guide explores the truth behind seed bank companies claiming to be the best and identify the many problems that seed bank customers have shared about buying cannabis seeds online.

How to Grow Cannabis Seeds

So, as an overview of the steps you’ll want to take to grow marijuana, you’ll want to:

  1. Confirm that the type of cannabis you’d like to grow in your region is legal.  If  CBD is what you’re after, you can grow hemp plants, which is legal in most regions (because it doesn’t contain psychoactive effects).  Marijuana plants are legal in some states and countries, but there are still many places where cultivating is not permitted.

  2. Do your research to understand the different types of seeds available (more on this below).

  3. Identify the best breeders and cannabis seed banks that sell the type of seeds you’re after by reading customer reviews and people’s experiences with them.  A great way to find legitimate marijuana seed banks is by looking at their social media following.  If they have a reasonably large community involved with their business, they’re more likely to be trustworthy.

Types of Marijuana Seeds on the Market

It’s essential to understand the different types of marijuana seeds on the market to know how to grow them.  There are three types sold on the market currently, and the type largely depends on how they were bred.  The seed type remains different from the strain of marijuana, which is the makeup of cannabinoids in the plant, determining how you’ll feel when consuming it.  The cannabis seed type pertains to how you’ll grow the plant.

Regular seeds

It’s important to understand that regular weed seeds can grow into either male or female plants.  The only thing male plants accomplish is pollination of female plants, which is how new cannabis strains are made.  Most people want to have all the control over their plants, so you’ll most likely want to immediately cut out the male plants.  Also, when the female plants are pollinated, they focus more on producing seeds than bud.  As a consumer, you want the plant to flower as much as possible.  So if you buy regular seeds, you’ll want to pay close attention to the sex of each plant and avoid pollination at all costs.

Feminized seeds

It’s possible to always grow female cannabis plants with feminized seeds. These pot seeds have been bred specifically to grow only as female plants.  Feminized seeds are much easier to grow to produce a flower that you can smoke.  You will still want to have knowledge on how the different sexes look and develop, though.  There’s still a possibility that a male plant could form from the seed.  This is another reason why you’ll want to make sure you’re buying from a trustworthy seed bank that has high-quality seeds.  The last thing you want is a seed that wasn’t bred right, growing into a male and pollinating all your females.

When growing regular or feminized cannabis seeds, you’ll want to do some research on the light cycle that the plant prefers, whether grown indoors or outdoors.  On the other hand, auto flowering seeds were bred to flower no matter how the light cycle looks.  The growth cycle for auto flowering seeds is overall quicker and less controlled.  If you choose to go this route, you might find that the plants are smaller and don’t produce as much bud.  But that’s the price that is paid for a quick and convenient turnover rate.

Cannabis Seed Bank Reviews

Once you’ve done your research on the type of seeds you want to grow, it’s time to start buying!  As mentioned previously, social proof is really the number one tool you will want to use in deciphering whether a seed bank should be trusted or not.  When going with an unknown company that you’ve done zero research on, you may not know that the seeds weren’t bred well until the plant grows (or doesn’t grow) or until you smoke it.  Both scenarios would be sad and disappointing, so to make sure a seed bank is trustworthy, we suggest using a review tool such as Trust Pilot

How to Buy Good Cannabis Seeds Online

Buying cannabis seeds online can be especially vulnerable, and there’s only a handful of companies that have taken it upon themselves to provide a high-quality service online. The cannabis seed bank, Seed City has the highest overall rating on Trustpilot among all the other seed banks. They provide over 5,000 different cannabis seeds for sale and from trusted brands. Here are a few of those brands that are known to offer high-quality seeds and available on Seed City:

  • Seedsman Seeds is a company that’s been in the cannabis seed industry since 2003.  Based out of Spain, they have a long, reputable history in distributing high-quality seeds and even creating their own strains of high-yielding THC and CBD.  You can purchase from a retailer who carry the Seedsman Seeds online.

  • Mephisto Genetics is a small company that’s had a steady hand in the autoflowering industry since 2012.  They pride themselves on their “no smoke and mirrors” approach and even document all their strains from conception to release for the public to follow along.  You can purchase Mephisto Genetics seeds online.

  • Grower’s Choice is a Dutch company that started growing and learning about cannabis plants back in 1996.  They’re known for their endless experimentation and dedication to creating the best seeds on the market.  After many seasons of breeding seeds for other companies, they began focusing on creating their own company, wherein they could control the process from start to finish.  You can purchase Grower’s Choice seeds online.

These are just a few of the high-quality breeders cultivated on Seed City’s massive inventory.  Seed City is a cannabis retailer known for seeking out the best cannabis seed breeders and bringing them into one convenient place.  Seed City has been in the game since 2010, and they have the social proof to back up their dedication and excellent customer service.  You can find hundreds of reviews on their testimonial page, as well as dozens of articles about different seeds and strains.

Problems with Buying Pot Seeds Online

If you take the easy route and purchase cannabis seeds online from the first company you see, you put yourself at risk for experiencing a variety of issues.  If you think counterfeit products only apply to purses and CDs, you’ll be in for a whirlwind of surprise with the cannabis industry.

Buying cannabis seeds from distributors without any reliable credibility or reputation may be putting yourself at risk of receiving counterfeit seeds.  You’ll find that fake seeds just will not grow.  Another possible reason for seeds not germinating is if they’re too old or just have not been properly stored.  And that’s not all; unauthorized retailers or unreliable seed banks may distribute inaccurate strains.  No one wants to spend all that time growing cannabis just to find that the strain is something completely different, especially if you’re consuming it for medical purposes.  The point of growing your own cannabis is to have complete control over the product.  Make sure you take the proper steps to make that happen by purchasing seeds from reputable sources.

The Best Weed Seeds You Can Find Online

Share this guide with a friend to clear up a lot of gray areas and confusion about purchasing cannabis seeds. But if you need even more guidance and confidence in your seed-purchasing process, you can always depend on cannabis seed banks with a good reputation.  Seed City has an abundance of resources and information to make the process as easy as possible.  Their site organizes seeds by type, has an alphabetized list of breeders, and has a help center to guide you even more through your cannabis growing process.

Seed City ships worldwide with discreet and crush-proof packaging so that your seeds arrive unharmed.  Depending on where you live, your seeds can arrive in as little as two days if you’re in the UK and always within a month worldwide.  If you really do your research and find the seeds you want cheaper on another authorized website, Seed City will even price match to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.  Most importantly, utilizing Seed City’s website for online purchasing ensures that you’re keeping within a reputable, trustworthy circle of breeders and seed banks.


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