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4 Overlooked Must-Have Features for the Ultimate Man Cave

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Man caves are specially equipped rooms where guys can spend their time doing exactly what they want to do. Often located in garages or sheds, they provide private spaces to recharge and relax. Guys usually have complete control over how the space is designed, including what furniture is used, what hangs on the walls, and what technology is incorporated. Whether you plan to use your man cave to indulge in a hobby, hang out with your friends, or simply to relax, don’t forget about these often-overlooked features.

An Entertainment Item

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Pick one big-ticket item that’ll provide hours of entertainment and find a spot for it in your man cave. Pool tables, pinball machines, air hockey tables, pingpong tables, and foosball tables are all good choices. They give your space a purpose and will provide hours of entertainment for you and your friends. Playing games is a good way to pass the time and will help you create memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Comfortable Updates

Update your man space with what’s going to make you feel the most at ease. You might think you only need a decent chair and a good television, but you’re going to want more. Mount shades or blinds on the windows for privacy. A good air conditioning unit is a must for the hot summer months — it’s impossible to relax in a hot, humid room. A dependable HVAC system will keep your man cave cool and crisp. Make sure you have good lighting — a dimly lit room is uninviting.

Nice Furniture

While you’d probably never overlook putting furniture in your man cave, you might overlook putting the right furniture in it. Too often, man spaces are furnished with old, uncomfortable recliners reclaimed from the attic. If you have an old recliner you love, use it, but give some thought to replacing it with a couple of new, comfortable chairs or a couch that won’t hurt your back. Don’t settle for ratty furniture you hate. Get something you’ll look forward to using.

Food and Drink

If you plan to spend much time in your space, stock it with plenty to eat and drink. Your man space is an escape, and if you have to walk to your kitchen whenever you need a quick snack, you’ll get sucked back into the real world every time you go. Install some shelves or a small cabinet to hold your snacks and a refrigerator to keep beverages cool. A minifridge is a good compromise if you don’t have room for a full-sized refrigerator. If you go a step further and get a microwave, you might just decide to move into your man cave full time.

Make your man cave a place that’s inviting and comfortable. It’s your private space, so design it based on what’s important to you. Comfort and entertainment are obvious considerations, but don’t forget to think about the details, too. Less noticeable items, such as good lighting and a small microwave may not seem important. However, they’ll go a long way in making your space a place you want to be.



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