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5 Reasons Fire Sprinkler Systems Should Be Required In All Homes

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People continue to lose their lives, and properties are damaged after fire breakouts, mainly due to faulty electrical wiring and kitchen fires. You might not accomplish the measures you put in place in case of fire since most fires begin without notice, catching you off guard. This is why installing a fire sprinkler system is the best solution.

These systems will work whether you’re at home or not. They consist of a water supply system connected through pipes with fire sprinklers connected at distribution points. The sprinklers have temperature-sensitive glass sensors which will break and release water in case of fire. Only sprinklers at the fire point will be activated, and they can be installed in new or old homes.

Suppose you’re considering incorporating a fire sprinkler system into your new construction. In that case, you can consult installers like Boutique Home Plans or other trusted names in the field who can install the type that best suits your building.

Besides protecting lives and property, there are other reasons why all homes should have a fire sprinkler system:


1. They Save Lives

The most crucial reason fire sprinkler systems should be required in every home is that they save lives. In the event of a fire, the people who suffer the most are the vulnerable members of society. They include:

  • The elderly who require assistance and extra time getting out of a building;
  • People with disabilities and other special conditions;
  • Young people who engage in activities like smoking and partying; and
  • Caged animals that can’t get out on their own.

It would take five to ten minutes or longer for the fire department to arrive at your property in case of a fire. By that time, the fire could have spread, trapping people in the building. Fire sprinkler systems, however, are highly effective in combating fires before they spread, thereby saving lives.

2. They Reduce Financial And Sentimental Losses

When fire breaks out in a building, it can cause substantial damage if not contained on time. This is because it gets bigger and more challenging to control as it moves and destroys everything in its path. The flames lick and set ablaze essential documents, priceless sentimental collections of artifacts, and other irreplaceable objects. It also leaves burnt pieces of furniture, appliances, fittings, and other things in the house or office in its wake. Moreover, it disrupts people’s lives and livelihoods. But installing a fire sprinkler system will mitigate the risk of such scenarios. 

3. They Lower Insurance Rates

Putting a fire sprinkler system on your property can attract reduced insurance premiums and save you money. A fire sprinkler system will increase fire safety and substantially minimize the potential of fire damage to your property. This is important since insurance companies consider such factors when calculating risks, which translates to lower risk for the insurer.

Automatic fire sprinkler system install on pipe ceiling background in office building

4. They Increase Your Home’s Value

Some of the things that home buyers give priority to when house hunting are home safety features, energy efficiency, and even sustainability. Just like a home fitted with security equipment, sensors, and a smart garage will attract today’s home buyers, adding a fire sprinkler system to your property will increase its appeal and value.

5. They Are Better For The Environment

When installing a fire sprinkler system, you’re saying you also care for the environment. The fire department sprays large amounts of water using large pipes to put out fires. They use a significant amount before taming or putting out a fire. This causes a lot of water waste apart from flooding properties which sometimes affects their structure and visual appearance. 

A fire sprinkler system, however, will use a fraction of that amount of water because it contains fire before it spreads. The sprinkler head also only sprays precisely where the fire is, thus using minimal water. It can also help reduce carbon emissions by functioning quickly during a fire.

6. They Require Minimal Maintenance

Most fire sprinkler systems operate efficiently, requiring very minimal maintenance. However, you will still need your installers to check the system once or twice a year to ensure everything is as it should be.


Fire sprinkler systems are currently one of the best fire extinguishers available in the market. Their primary function is to minimize fire damage. And while the initial cost of installing a fire sprinkler system may sound much, its benefits far surpass the costs.

Installing a fire sprinkler system can also easily attract home buyers to your property as it assures fire safety in case one breaks out.

Fire sprinkler systems are readily available, work efficiently with precision, and are reliable. They’re a good investment that can save lives and protect property.



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