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Mezzanine Floors: Great Ways of Expanding Your Company’s Working Space

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Mezzanine floors are separate levels that exist in between existing ones. For example, you’ll have the lower level, a traditional second floor, and then a mezzanine level in between them. In most cases, these mezzanine floors are left open without all of the standard wall features. Instead, they have protective railings. If your business is in desperate need of additional space, then these mezzanine levels are a less expensive expansion option. You can find carpeting for them in a flooring store and easily outfit them to meet your needs. Here are some other things you need to know about mezzanine floors, courtesy of Wraps Studio.  


Mezzanine Floors Are Very Versatile

The best thing about mezzanines is the fact that they give you plenty of versatile space. You won’t be limited in the scope of what can be done with them. If you want extra storage space, then you can outfit them with tile flooring from a flooring store and fill the space with rolling file cabinets or shelving units. If your business needs room for a brand new department, then you can have the space properly wired for computers and phone systems, and have your employees move into the space.  


It’s Less Expensive than Moving

Let’s face it, moving your entire business to a new location is expensive. You not only need to factor in the amount needed to get out of your current lease, but you’ll need to find a larger building and come up with a deposit and the other fees needed for a new one. If you own the building, you’ll have to sell it and then qualify for a mortgage on a new building. Plus, your business might be down for some time during the physical moving process. The costs are great. So, why not just expand where you’re currently located? Building a mezzanine is less expensive and less time consuming than all of this.

Mezzanine Floors
Photo: All Bong on Unsplash


They Can Be Built Quickly

Did you know that a new mezzanine level – new flooring from Wraps Studio and all – can be installed over a four-day period? This means that your business will be expanded over the course of a weekend, plus a Friday and Monday. The amount of construction discomfort and displacement is very low. Your workers will be surprised at how fast that new space went up. Even better, they’ll be able to move into it just as fast.


A Mezzanine Is a Good Investment

Should you need to sell your building someday after completely outgrowing it, then the mezzanine level will add on to the final cost. Many buyers look for commercial or industrial buildings with these additional spaces, as they provide room for extra storage or expansion. The versatility of a mezzanine will pay off.


Now that you know the basics of mezzanine levels, you no doubt realize just how useful they are. Once you choose the right flooring materials, your new space will be up and running. Your employees will thank you.


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