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A List of Smart and Easy Ways You Can Give Your Bathroom an Upgrade This 2021

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The bathroom is our private and personal space, and most of us take great pains to ensure that it’s a (relatively) pleasant room where we can take a bath or shower or groom ourselves in peace. Of course, modern bathrooms are often equipped with all the accoutrements, and some are outfitted with the most luxurious fittings and elements.

But even if you don’t have that gorgeous claw-footed tub or that steam shower, you can still make your bathroom a pleasant space where you can enjoy spending some ‘me’ time. And mind you, you don’t have to go for a complete renovation to get the bathroom you’ve always wanted. With a few fundamental changes and updates, you can make your bathroom look as good as new. If you’re going to give your bathroom an upgrade this 2021, here’s a list of innovative and easy ways to do so.

  • Add new decorative features and elements 

If you’re not ready to do a complete renovation on your bathroom yet, you can paint the walls, cupboards, and trims in a different colour. A new coat of paint can do wonders for the look of your bathroom, and it can instantly transform the space and make it look clean and crisp. Grey is a good choice, especially if you have a white sink and toilet. You can choose to update some decorative features, from the hardware on the cupboards and drawers and even the tissue holder and towel hooks.

  • Bring in the light 

Another smart and easy way to upgrade and update your bathroom is to bring in some new light fixtures. The proper lighting will not only illuminate the space where you groom yourself and apply your makeup or style your hair – it will also make the room appear brighter and airier. Most bathrooms have one central light on the ceiling, but you may want to amplify the lighting with some spotlights or downlights at the corners or even a small lamp set on a side table.

  • Set up a new vanity or other bathroom furniture

There’s yet another way you can make a grand change in your bathroom: set up a new bathroom vanity or install new bathroom furniture. Bathroom vanities come in all sizes and finishes nowadays, and you can choose one that’s already pre-built. There are plenty of bathroom specialists who can give you a range of choices in these units, and you can even go all out with an entirely new set of bathroom furniture! Here’s another great tip: if you have a bathtub that looks a bit old and dingy, you can install bath panels on the side to make your bath appear sleeker and more stylish. It hardly takes any effort, and you’ll have a more appealing bathroom in no time.

  • Invest in nice hand towels, soap, and even toilet paper 

Sometimes, even the simplest of changes can make an impact, so why not invest in nice hand towels, soap, and even toilet paper? These elements can all make your bathroom look – and feel – more luxurious, and they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

When you walk into your bathroom, you want to be able to instantly relax instead of getting stressed. It should be a place where you can pamper yourself, and with these small yet significant changes, you can fully recharge indeed.

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