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Smart And Open: New Home Design Trends Preferred By The Millennial Man

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n72% of Millennials declare that owning a home is a top priority, according to the Homebuyer Insight Report by the Bank of America.  However, this doesn’t mean that millennial men desire the same types of homes that their parents and previous generations had. Instead, they’re looking for something sleeker and modern to fit their aesthetic. So what exactly are the newer home design trends that you—as a modern man—would want to have?

Incorporated Smart Technology

Around 38% of millennial homeowners made sure that their homes have smart technology, according to the findings of GfK Global. The integration of technology into homes is a trend that the modern man should want to have. It gives you better control over your home’s power consumption and even security. Through the touch of an app, you can check if you’ve remembered to lock your doors or turn off appliances. If you find that you haven’t, you can actually use the app to switch them off so you can go on with your day without anything to worry about.

Open Floor Plan

Beyond technology, the floor plan of the home is something that is affected by trends, too. Gone are the clunky designs of old. A seamless flow between rooms is preferred by most Millennials, according to a market study by Inhabitat. Paradisa Homes notes that an open floor plan adds more natural light and can enhance the space available, and it promotes a modern and sleek style that suits a lot of busy people like yourself. If you ever need something from another room, there won’t be much movement necessary.

Sustainable Materials

Three out of four Millennials prefer sustainable materials, according to a Neilsen survey, and building materials such as bamboo, recycled steel, and precast concrete are highly desired by the home buyers of today. Not only are these materials sustainable but they offer other benefits like being low maintenance. For the modern man who wishes to spend his time doing other things, sustainable and low maintenance homes will fit the bill pretty well.

One of the best things about home design is that there will always be new trends to crop up that may appeal to you most. All it takes is careful consideration of your preferences and weighing the potential cost they may bring. At the end of the day, what’s important is that you get to go home each day to a place that brings you happiness.


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