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The 5 Types of Airsoft BB Guns

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Upon entering the world of airsoft guns, many people enjoy the simulated combat as they play and compete in different areas. Airsoft guns are gas-powered machines that propel your rounds towards your intended target. These guns are meant to mimic real-life weapon systems prevalent with many law enforcement organizations and the military.

If you are new to airsoft games, then you’ve probably wondered where you can get the best stuff. You might also be curious about the different types of airsoft guns in existence. These are the topics we will discuss today.

Where can I get the best Airsoft guns?

Running through rough terrain, taking cover with makeshift hardpoints, and sometimes crawling into the mud is the hype with realistic airsoft matches. However, some physical maneuvers may cause damage to our airsoft guns. Beginners of the game may inflict malfunctions to some parts.

Great news for airsoft enthusiasts! Getting a new airsoft gun is easy when you know where to buy it. For new fans of airsoft guns, just visit this link showing you Where to buy airsoft bb guns in the UK and check out the latest guns in their armory. They have a wide selection of airsoft guns ranging from pistols, assault rifles, submachine guns, and even high-powered airsoft machine guns!

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran of playing airsoft, playing the game is an unforgettable or exciting experience. If you plan on making it an active hobby, airsoft guns comprise many different attributes, types, and parts. Suppose you damage your airsoft gun, visiting the nearest store for you will provide you the components that you need.

Playing airsoft can be similar to playing RPG, FPS, and adventure video games. When you get into the field, you have to ensure you are equipped with the right body armor, slots for your weapons, and have the proper amount of pockets that will help you carry your BB bullets.

You will be surprised by the attention to detail when it comes to airsoft guns. These guns even feature the real weight and parts of real-life guns. Their only difference is that they only propel BB bullets that do not cause much harm to people. Comparable to paintball, playing with airsoft guns can give you an unforgettable and remarkable experience.

Different Types of Airsoft Guns

New players of airsoft gun matches might have heard rumors about which type of airsoft gun is perfect for any given type of scenario. Unfortunately, the topic itself is a complex and extensive concept to discuss. Let us now discuss the different types of airsoft guns in existence.

Spring-Based Guns (Springers)

You have probably met the typical Sino-product of pellet guns. Beginners of playing airsoft guns probably got introduced to the world of airsoft gun matches while using spring-based airsoft guns. Also known as springers, this type of airsoft gun requires its user to always cock the action lever back to reload a BB bullet into the chamber. Its reload mechanism relies on a spring fixed inside the gun.

AEG (Automatic Electric Gun)

AEG stands for Automatic Electric Gun. This is one of the most popular types of airsoft since it only requires a battery pack, a set of gears, the gun assembly, a magazine, and the motor. An AEG airsoft gun relies on the activity of consistent propulsion. Launching BB rounds in automatic mode is made possible with the help of a motor that requires a specific amount of electricity. The motor connects with a set of gears that automatically launches and reloads your gun after each time you pull the trigger.

Gas-Powered Guns

One of the most powerful types of airsoft guns, gas-powered guns rely on the attachment of a canister filled with gas. There are three types of gas-powered airsoft guns.

Non-Blowback (NBB)

NBB Airsoft guns require users to attach canisters filled with green gas or CO2. This means that it will fire a BB without causing much reaction from the gun slide. As a result, a BB round will leave the barrel with a higher FPS and does not emit gas.

Gas-Blowback (GBB)

Similar to the operation of real-life assault weapons, the GBB airsoft gun requires either green gas or CO2 cartridge. The gas is responsible for firing a BB while reactivating the reload mechanism. Gas-Blowback airsoft guns exert an amount of recoil that adds to the realism and use of an airsoft gun.

Gas Sniper Rifles

Combining the need for a CO2 cartridge, gas sniper rifles require gas canisters but still feature the assembly of a typical rifle. The gun will fire a BB round in high FPS output with the help of the gas. After the round is fired, the user will have to reload the gun manually.

HPA Airsoft

An HPA gun is typical of the structure of a paintball gun. It means that your gun will have an air tube that connects your gun assembly to an outer tank filled with gas. Your airsoft gun will then launch a BB round with the help of an HPA Engine.

Chemical Propulsion

Although experimental in design, this is the type of airsoft gun commonly featured in YouTube videos. Similar to the operation of GBBs, a Chemical propulsion system requires a chamber without any air gaps. From there, a user will fill the container with a flammable substance. They will then load a BB round on the business end of the chamber which is connected to the barrel. The trigger mechanism will fire a small electrical charge that will ignite traces of flammable chemicals. As a result, the BB round will launch from the barrel of the gun assembly.


Playing airsoft matches is close to playing shooter games and aims to mimic real-life battles. However, there are many types of airsoft guns. Learning about each type of airsoft can help you get into the hobby of either collecting or maintaining an airsoft gun.


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