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Travel to Qatar to experience the World Cup

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If you want to experience the World Cup from the first row in November, you should prepare for your trip to Qatar. Besides experiencing the World Cup there might be other stuff to see.

The World Cup is one of the most popular sports events of all time with 3,57 billion viewers at the last tournament in Russia and an estimated amount of 5 billion people watching this year’s World Cup. The world cup soccer 2022 is being held in Qatar this November and December and besides the 5 billion estimated viewers and an estimated amount of 136 billion people betting on it. There will naturally be a live audience at each game and as usual these seats are very popular. So, if you want to be one of those experiencing the tournament live and at the center of it all you should travel to Qatar to participate and to watch the games from the first row. Experiencing the World Cup live is an experience of a lifetime and you should grant yourself this experience.

Facts on Qatar

Qatar is a peninsula in the Persian Bay and it is a sovereign state in the Middle East. The island shares its border with Saudi Arabia, which is also an interesting place to visit, and you can find 5 travel tips for visiting Saudi Arabia in another post. 

The capital of Qatar is Doha with an amount of 1.1 million people. Qatar is a part of the United Emirates and in earlier times Qatar was a part of the Ottoman Empire. In 1916 its leader signed a protection agreement with the United Kingdom that was enforced from 1916 and lasted until 1934. In these years Qatar was under British influence and the country gained total independence in 1971.


Qatar is actually one of the richest countries in the world as they have access to supplies of both gas and oil and this is the dominant part of their trade with other countries. The most important material is oil and it has been the single most exported material in the country for decades.

Engaging in the World Cup 

You should naturally remember to find and book tickets for the games you would want to watch as there is a chance they will sell out very quickly. It is not necessarily cheap to buy tickets for a game, however it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you should be willing to pay some to experience the live thrill of the World Cup.  And if your national team is playing, there is definitely no excuse not to prioritize it. The experience of watching your team playing in another country amongst fellow compatriots on the tribunes will be a wild experience. And it will be worth the travel and every single payout. Even if your national team is not playing, you might have a great experience being in the middle of the thrilling matches of the world cup.


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