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Wildcard Weekend Swagger

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Your bloody holiday responsibilities are over and done with, your television is
primed and ready, you鈥檝e got enough beer crammed into your fridge to intoxicate an
entire freshman class. You are ready for the playoffs, and Swagger is there with you
every badass step of the way. We鈥檝e got your four game weekend mapped out; all
you have to do is score a Pro-line Ticket and enough munchies to tide you over.

Bengals vs Texans
These two clubs butted head a year ago in the wildcard game, and the Texans gave
the Bengals a beating that still stings 365 days later. Cincinnati has quietly insisted
for the past two seasons that they aren鈥檛 a joke anymore, and this could very well be
the best shot they鈥檝e got at a conference title in decades. Texans have shit the bed
down the stretch, while the Bengals have been biting and clawing just for a place at
the table. That said, the post season is where the professionals act like professionals.
Expect this game to be sloppy, emotional, and a whole mess of fun to watch.

Swagger Prediction
It鈥檚 an ugly game, but the Texans run away with it.


Vikings vs Packers

This Saturday we鈥檒l find out for sure whether this is a throwing league or a running
league. The Vikings make the familiar trip back to the coldest damn field they could
convince anybody to kick a ball in. There鈥檚 no two teams in the league that know
each other better, and there鈥檚 no love lost between the players or the fans. At pivot,
Ponder is no match for Rodgers, but Adrian Peterson is a riddle the Packer鈥檚 D
have yet to solve, and he鈥檚 only gotten better as the season has worn on. This one is
guaranteed to be a squeaker, but Swagger鈥檚 giving the edge to Green Bay at home.
Stay warm fellas.

Swagger Prediction
Green Bay by a field goal, Jared Allen and Clay Matthews share a lingering kiss after
the game鈥

Seahawks vs Redskins
It鈥檚 the battle of the Rookie quarterbacks for the early Sunday game, and we鈥檙e in for
a treat. RGIII is the better man no question, but Sherman鈥檚 been playing disciplined
down the stretch, Seattle鈥檚 offence has been getting the job done like nobody鈥檚
business, and Washington鈥檚 defense is lousy with holes and excuses. It鈥檚 going to be
a shootout, and we鈥檙e likely to see more picks from both men as the playoff furnace
starts to heat up. Go for the over, no question.

Swagger Prediction
Seattle wins by stopping an impressive end of game rush by a desperate RGIII.

The Marquis game of the weekend will be Baltimore and Indy. We can鈥檛 wait to see
what Ray Lewis pulls out of his hat for his last run at a championship, and with the
Indy O-line giving up 41 sacks this season, it鈥檚 a good bet he鈥檚 going to be eating
Andrew Luck鈥檚 lunch. Unfortunately, that Andrew Luck is one of those bastards with
destiny written all over his mug, and you鈥檇 really can鈥檛 dispel the possibility that he
makes the impossible possible this Sunday. There鈥檚 too many questions, too much
drama, too much pressure riding on both these teams. We wish this could be the
Superbowl, but since it isnt鈥

Swagger Prediction
Joe Flacco finds a way to uninspired his team and blows the whole game.


Written by: Jeremy P Beal


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