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The Gun Store Near Virginia Beach That’s Going Viral

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Who said that women aren’t good in business with guns? Well, if this has crossed your mind, we have to say that you are completely wrong. Have you heard about Chesapeake? Chesapeake is a city in Virginia, and you must visit it because there you can find the most unique and fascinating store of all.

Image Source:Chesapeake Pawn and Gun

What’s So Fascinating About the Store

This store’s name is “Chesapeake Pawn and Gun” and it carries more than 1500 guns in stock! That’s huge! Beside that, it has a full service gunsmith on site. Pretty amazing, right?


But do you think that selling guns is the only thing that makes this place special? Well, it’s actually Glenda Craddock who is a self-made woman and owns this store that sells guns, but jewelry as well, even engagement rings!

Great Facebook Engagement

In fact, Glenda herself is a US Navy Veteran, so she sure knows her job. Also, most of her staff are women and they are on the ball. They took their store on social media, specifically Facebook – Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, and are doing great there because they are followed by about 38,000 people, and the numbers are still rising!

You are constantly checking social media, anyway, so spend some time on their FB page because there is a lot to see and to get! They regularly post updates on new shotguns they get in their store.

But that is not the best part of it, of course. They often do GIVEAWAYS! Yey! Isn’t that amazing? That is one awesome reason to follow them and keep up with their daily posts. Besides that, almost every day there is…. Wait a second… A DEAL OF THE DAY! You shouldn’t miss this!

Also, another good reason to have them on your Facebook Newsfeed is that they often post pictures and videos of their stores and activities they do which are fun to see.

Since Black Friday is very close, they offer you a special deal you should check it out here.

Why Visit the Store?

And, of course, today, we may be thinking “yeah, we are safe and sound”, but in fact, we are living in a dangerous world, why shouldn’t we all be equipped and taught how to defend ourselves using guns? Thanks to Glenda, the owner of the most outstanding gun store of all gun stores near Virginia Beach, you have the opportunity to pick you favorite piece of whatever you like.

Interestingly, Glenda is an avid competition shooter, and last year, she won the long pistol series. The chances are very high that she is going to do it again in 2019. So, Glenda knows what she is doing, right? 

She has definitely set her sights on her own success. You can totally rely on her when it comes to buying guns from her store. The staff is always busy because of the great number of clients, but always available to talk about guns, or jewelry, if you prefer. So, don’t wait for an opportunity to arise – create it!

Well, next time you are in Virginia, don’t forget to check “Chesapeake Pawn and Gun”. If you want to buy something, but you are low on cash, do not worry. As long as you are legal and have the appropriate documents, you can get yourself a pawn lawn, and make your wish come true.

Finally, on Glenda’s Facebook page and website you can enjoy the footages of their training sessions, competitions, and activities.


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