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World Design Rankings

Sailun Tires

We’ve talked about the A Design Awards before, and featured some of the amazing works submitted by some of the worlds best and brightest designers and artists this world has to offer. World Design Rankings just takes that concept and kicks it up a notch. WDR ranks all the countries based on the number of designers that have been granted with the A’ Design Award. China ranked as number 1 among the 106 represented countries, followed by United States of America, Japan, Italy, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Turkey, Taiwan, Germany and Australia which took the top positions in 2019.

Ok, but what IS the WDR Really?

The ultimate aim of the world design rankings is to contribute to global design culture through advocating and highlighting good design. The rankings aim to provide a snapshot of the state-of-art and design potentials of countries worldwide by highlighting their creative strengths, design weaknesses and available opportunities. The “Design Business Insights” in short the outcome is to get answers to questions such as “Which country is best in industrial design”, “Which country is best in interior design?”,  “Which country is the best in fashion design?” etc.

Who are the best in the Consumer Electronics Design category?

Six (6) New countries are included in the 2019-2020 rankings: Macedonia, Maldives, Lao, Swaziland, Kenya and Armenia. Top 10 did not change significantly this year, except for China taking the first place from USA.

Here are the top 15 in consumer electronics ranked from 1-12!

Lenovo Design Group ThinkPad X1 Tablet Computer

Johnson Li

Vestel ID Team

Alexander Werbickas

IMEGO Infinity LLC

Verico Grip

Bernhard Burkard

Tong Jin (TJ) Kim

Te Zhang

Hyungjun Koo

Smartisan ID Team

Jp Inspiring Knowledge


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