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De’el Woods Is Making His Mark In The Music Industry

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De’el Woods’ nature of always wanting to help out others is what originated his journey in the field of music. The journey that initially started to help out to help two of De’el’s cousins struggling in the music industry is now turning into one of the most amazing record labels of all time.

‘Better Than Amazing Records’ was launched by De’el because he wanted to focus on getting his family, who have amazing voices and creativity, known to the world. The platform aimed to provide talented musicians with proper equipment, studio time, and a marketing facility. This way, artists not only got an opportunity to expose themselves but also were free of the worries where they strived to search for an opportunity.

De’el’s own career helped him empathize with all these rising musicians. There was a time when he too strived to get a good opportunity while battling with poverty. During high school, the owner of Better Than Amazing Records worked at a total of 5 jobs and sold clothes from the trunk of his car while maintaining his studies. Even after graduation financial issues did not fade away easily.


In fact, for the first few years, he didn’t earn much due to which there came a point when he had to donate plasma for gas money and food. Thus, the need to have financial freedom was very important for him. De’el knew that the lack of chances due to financial troubles can often result in a waste of talent. Therefore, he wanted every potential hidden talent to be exploited.

De’el’s intentions are very different from other record label owners. His goal was to do something for these artists that no other record label does: add value to their work and assist them in achieving financial freedom. That being so, he started working to push different clients in their career paths. He wanted them to perform with all of their heart without worrying about financial costs.

Currently, his record label is working with artist, M.Y.A.I, whose popular songs are Classic and You A King ft. Brother Ben X. De’el hopes to work with many unexploited artists in the future so that he can give an opportunity to and thus, help as many struggling musicians as possible.



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