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Drake’s “Hotline Bling”……..Ridiculous or Genius?

Sailun Tires

How embarrassing!  Mocking social media posts are popping up everywhere to Drake’s new 41/2 minute recently released video.  There’s hilariously awkward Mr. Bean and even Sponge Bob mashed up with the song.  In another, Drake’s dance moves simulate stomping on a giant spider.


Does this ridicule constitute a fail for Drake and video producer Director X?  After all, the simplicity and casualness of the video could appear to signal amateur, lack of effort, funds.

On the contrary, Director X, who has been making hip hop videos for twenty years had his finger on the pulse with this project.  He says, ” The challenge for people making music videos now is to make something that will shake people up a little bit, because you have to look for it.  You have to make it in such a way that people want to share it with their friends.”

He shoots!  He scores!

“Hotline Bling” spiralled into a viral-video legend and inspired a meme mania.  Was this carefully contrived or done this way because of budget or time restraints?  The director feels that the days of the complex and exhaustingly rehearsed dance moves are gone.  “Joe average” can relate, emulate, enjoy…and just groove.  It’s a feel good vibe of dancing like nobody’s watching.  I think we could all use some of that and taking a line from the song….”you should just be yourself”


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