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Adele….Hot Damn HELLO!!!

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It happened the first time….only took one listen….to deliver a whopping wave of emotion I wasn’t ready for.  I was driving in my car and the DJ introduced Adele’s new song.  Oh good, I thought, let’s see what she’s come out with.  Wow!  Every word, every line resonated with me.  I could feel tears welling up as I was trying to conjure up images of those whose hearts I’m sure I must have broken.  The lyrics grip you and carry you along like a roller coaster.  As one Instagram post claimed, (put this in italics) Adele has that kind of music that makes you miss that person you made eye contact with on public transportation 7 years ago.  Hilarious but poignant.  You are drawn in and long to feel the same emotions.

“Hello” is Adele’s first album single since her 2011 release of “21” that sold more than 11 million units and won a Grammy for Album of the Year.

Greg Kurstin, producer and co-writer of the song said he was blown away with the velocity of the success.  Having worked with Katy Perry, Pink and Taylor Swift, Kurstin said he was nervous and felt pressure before meeting Adele.  Once they met…that changed.  “She’s just so wonderful to be around.  She is funny and down to earth.” he said.  “She’s just cool, and then she gets on the microphone and of course blows your mind.”

Problem now????  It’s been the only thing playing in my head for days.   Hellooooo!!!


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