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Very few independent films garner as much attention as Enlightened Kingdom’s The Lady of Heaven has in recent months. 

This film is already entirely in a league of its own from its massive fanbase, never-before-seen content, and star-studded cast and crew. The movie features Ray Fearon (Beauty And The Beast), Christopher Sciueref (300: Rise Of An Empire), Mark Anthony Brighton (Doctor Strange), Denise Black (Coronation Street) as Bibi, and Lucas Bond (Summerland) as Jamal. Along with Sami Karim (The Looming Tower) as Khalid, Albane Courtois (Gentleman Jack) as Fatima Lanrawi, Matthew Brenher (Spy Wars) as Mukhayreeq, Chris Jarman (Tattoo Fixers) as Bilal, Yasmin Mwanza (Spider-man: Far From Home) as Fidda, Dimitri Andreas (Layer Cake) as Salman, and Oscar Garland (DES) as Raed.

If the cast of The Lady of Heaven is not jaw-dropping enough, the filmmaking crew is sure to stun audiences. Director Eli King, writer Sheikh Al-Habib, creative consultant Academy Award winner John Stephenson OBE, executive producers Richard Rionda Del Castro, Irakli Chikvaidze, and Abdul Malik Shlibak, and producers Matthew Kuipers and the Enlightened Kingdom make up the dream team behind The Lady of Heaven. 

This impressive cast and team are the many religious experts who dedicated themselves, alongside the cast and crew, to depict the holy figures and tales that make up The Lady of Heaven with the utmost respect and precision. Indeed the first of its kind, The Lady of Heaven shares the history of Lady Fatima, the Prophet Muhammad’s daughter while creating a commentary on war, terror, and the power of patience. 

The Lady Of Heaven follows a young Iraqi child’s journey amidst a battle-scarred country to find safety and answers. After losing his mother to the war, the child finds himself in a doting grandmother’s home who tells him the tale of “The Lady.” Through hearing “The Lady’s” story, the young child learns of Lady Fatima’s suffering as the first victim of terrorism that spirals into the 21st century.

The film also depicts the historical roots of ISIS, giving viewers a look into this infamous terrorist group’s origins. The Lady Of Heaven artfully compares terror groups throughout history, starting with Lady Fatima all the way to the 21st century. With these themes in mind, viewers may be able to walk away from theatres with new insights into modern-day terror groups.

These two profounding moving and intertwining plots, the child’s and the Lady’s, promise to touch the hearts and minds of viewers worldwide.

Expectations for The Lady Of Heaven are already high, and anticipation for the forthcoming debut continues to rise; even the film trailer went viral within only a few days of its release. Released on Film Selects, the YouTube trailer platform, The Lady Of Heaven trailer, gained massive organic support. It skyrocketed to over a million views, more than 85 thousand likes, and almost 100 thousand comments in a matter of four days.

Although the film has accrued fans worldwide, there is unprecedented support for The Lady of Heaven throughout Iraq. Across this beautiful country, people have printed posters and displayed them throughout their communities. Home printed posters, taken from the film’s website, have been placed by enthusiastic supporters on the walls of holy shrines, including The Lady’s husband Imam Ali and her Grandsons’ shrines. The film’s trailer has been shown on big screens across the main cities in Iraq, at road intersections, and on electronic billboard screens. 

An independent film such as The Lady of Heaven rarely sees support or anticipation of this magnitude. Fans will not have to wait much longer; the film will come to theatres in the coming months of 2021. The Lady Of Heaven guarantees to captivate audiences with its technological innovation, meticulous attention to detail, and gut-wrenching story.


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