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The five most popular genres of online games

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According to studies, more than two billion people around the world play online games. At the same time, most players give preference to games on smartphones and tablets, although PC games and game consoles still occupy about a third of the market. It is believed that online games have become the most popular entertainment of the last decade and every year their popularity is only growing. As well as the popularity of gambling entertainment with each day, more and more online casinos in Australia and not all of them are reliable. That’s why fair go casino no deposit bonus made their online casino with no deposit bonus, so you can be sure of a reliable game .

Certainly, everyone is familiar with such online games as Angry Birds, Candy Crash and World of Tanks, but in fact there are a huge number of online games in various directions. What genres of online games are the most popular today?

In 2021 the leaders are the following genres of online games:

  1. Casino and card games;
  2. MOBA;
  3. battle Royale;
  4. MMORPG;
  5. Classic puzzles and puzzles.

Online casinos and card tournaments


Over the past decade, online casinos have become the most popular type of online gaming. The main reason for this success is that players can gamble at any time of the day or night, and they don’t even have to leave home to do so. Moreover, in many casinos, it is even possible to play for real money.

Another reason for the popularity of online casinos is the various bonuses for players. Bonuses at online casinos usually include a welcome bonus for new visitors, as well as all sorts of additional bonuses and gifts, such as for frequent visits to the online casino or what is known as a referral bonus for bringing a friend.

One of the varieties of games at online casinos is card games, such as poker. That said, online poker has become so popular that online poker tournaments are now regularly held around the world, featuring world poker stars who have repeatedly won regular offline poker tournaments.

MOBA Games

MOBA games are Multiplayer Battle Arenas or game arenas where real players can participate. In this case, each real player controls one game character, for which you can choose the appropriate skills and abilities. Today, games in the MOBA genre come in full and mobile versions. It is logical that the mobile version may not have all the features, especially concerning the mechanics, but at the same time, the mobile version works perfectly from all devices, including tablets and smartphones.

Some of the most popular MOBA games include League of Legends, Aeon of Strife, Mobile Legends and many others.

Battle Royale

The essence of the genre of online games Battle Royale is that the player gets on a huge map with all sorts of resources, in which he is fighting for survival against other real players. Among the resources you can find treasures such as weapons and armor, supplies, materials for construction and more.

The main goal in a Battle Royale game is to stay alive. The resources are at different ends of the map and to get to them, the player will have to fight both other players who also want to get them, and with enemies in the form of wild animals and other plagues. In many ways, the essence of the Battle Royale games resembles the movie “The Hunger Games”, but this rather simple scenario does not make it any less appealing. Thousands of people all over the world join the battle for survival every day in the virtual world of online gaming.

MMORPG games

MMORPG is one of the oldest genres of online games, which stands for online multiplayer role-playing game. In games of this genre, players get a virtual hero and gradually improve it, pumping various skills and gaining experience. The virtual character can gain gaming experience by fighting other real players as well as non-player characters, such as predators.

Originally the MMORPG genre was associated primarily with the game Warcraft, but over time it has evolved so much that today Warcraft is considered only the ancestor of the games in the MMORPG genre. Here you can find entire worlds that resemble scenes from hobbit movies and footage from the TV series “Game of Thrones”, and players can go to uncharted dungeons and meet with dragons, gods, demons and a lot of other fantasy characters.

 Puzzles and puzzles

According to surveys, more than half of smartphone owners regularly play puzzles. It is interesting to note that women predominate among the fans of this type of game. The well-known Tetris, various puzzles, “three in a row” and similar games are popular among both desktop computer users and smartphone users.

However, many of the fans of puzzles and puzzles online do not consider themselves gamers. In addition, unlike the aforementioned online game genres, puzzles and puzzles are enjoyed by people of all ages, from children to retirees. Although puzzle games often do not offer their players an appreciation for modern graphics and virtual reality elements, they have remained popular for many years. Moreover, the number of fans of online puzzles is expected to remain at least at the same level in the future.

As you can see, modern technology has changed the world greatly in the last decade, and the sphere of online games is not left aside. Today, among the thousands of different games, every user can find entertainment to his liking.


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