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Surprising Celebrities Who Love a Good Game of Bingo

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Bingo is not exactly new on the scene. It’s a game that has literally been around for centuries. It’s been played and loved in some form since around 1530. The game first took hold in Italy, then France, and later in the UK, which, along with the United States, is the place it is most played today. Learning how to play bingo is incredibly easy when compared to some other casino or gambling games, and it is so much fun. If you can count to 100, you can play bingo!

In this game of luck, all you need to do is listen to the person calling out the numbers and see if you have any of the numbers being called. Cross off your numbers on your bingo card, and the first person with a full card is the winner!

Though bingo experienced a little bit of a dip in popularity a few decades back, celebrity interest in the game, as well as new generation bingo parlors popping up in exciting locations all over the world, has brought renewed interest and made bingo as popular as it was at the height of its time in vogue. Some well-known and beloved actors, actresses, singers, and public personalities have a great time playing bingo; let’s hear a little bit about them.

Image by Carabo_Spain via Pixabay

Celebs Who Love Bingo

Russel Crowe

Most celebs loved bingo before they became famous, and Russel Crowe is no exception. Back in Australia, his home country, Crowe worked as a bingo caller while waiting for his big break into the world of acting. Can you imagine the stir he caused with his good looks and a gruff voice shouting out bingo numbers? Russel didn’t do things halfway either: he would make up risque names for the numbers over and above things like “legs eleven,” which are standard calls. Now that he’s a famous actor, he’s been spotted taking his lovely wife to a bingo parlor on more than one occasion.

Kate Moss

Not only is she one of the most famous supermodels in history, but Kate Moss is also a huge bingo fan! Now that Miss Moss has switched out her life of catwalks and glamorous parties for something a little more relaxed, quiet, and family oriented, she has a lot more time to indulge in the things that she loves to do just for fun, like bingo. Kate plays with friends and family and even some celebrities like actress and designer Sadie Frost.

Robbie Williams

One-time teen heartthrob Robbie Williams is one of the more unlikely celebrity bingo lovers that we discovered. Growing up where he did, in Stoke on Trent, bingo was a big part of Robbie’s earlier life. Not only does he host bingo parties for his friends and family at home, but he uses his love for the game to give back by playing for charities in his new home in Los Angeles. He and his famous entourage will turn up en masse and spend some money for a great cause.

Image by Andry S via Pixabay

Cristiano Ronaldo

Though bingo isn’t a huge deal in Portugal, Ronaldo currently lives in England, where bingo is something of a tradition. He learned to love the game when he moved to the UK and was given a Bingo DVD that was to be used to help him improve his English. In interviews given to Portuguese papers, the footballer has described the game of bingo as “very exciting.” He plays both online and in person, and though his schedule is very busy, he enjoys playing bingo as often as he can find the time.

Sharon Osbourne

This beloved mom of two and wife to the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne, loves a good game of bingo. Sharon has alway been open about her love for this classically English game and believes that she must be one of the biggest bingo lovers in the world. The game helps her relax at the end of a stressful day, and she even has her own online bingo site!

Image by Rudonni via Pixabay

Prince William

Last but certainly not least is our only royal bingo lover, Prince William. When the prince was doing his training at Sandhurst Military Academy, he and his fellow cadets would enjoy jaunts to the local bingo hall in their free time. Though he tried to stay anonymous over the years by using a fake name, his charming smile is far too obvious to be mistaken.

Wrap Up

It’s easy to see why so many celebs love bingo. It’s a great game to play whether you’re famous or an “average joe,” and we know you’ll love it if you try it.



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