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Why People Keep Loving Pro Wrestling (And You Should Too)

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Despite its recent drop in popularity, pro wrestling remains a sport that attracts thousands of dedicated fans worldwide. And it’s not only the fantastic WWE shows that people love. They like the sport itself, which is proven by the fact that people of all ages keep training in it. The reasons for that vary, and every fan definitely has a set of their own. However, some of those reasons are common and easy to decipher. Reading through the list of them might even turn you into a wrestling fan, because you will notice that there is much more to this sport than what appears on the surface.

4 Reasons to Love Professional Wrestling Today

  • It’s old

It may seem like a strange reason to like a sport, but give it a thought. Pro wrestling dates all the way back to the first Ancient Olympics. While it’s impossible to clearly define the reason why, but the fact is that wrestling has been one of the most popular sports throughout the millennia of human history. Every nation out there has its own unique style of wrestling rooted in history.

This type of sport appeals to us on some primal level. One might even say that wrestling is the basest form of fighting. Although, the matches run by WWE today are shows in their own right and include a lot of beautiful and complicated techniques.

  • It’s fun

As mentioned above, the professional wrestling of today is as much of an entertainment show as it is a sport. In fact, with the top fights all scripted, it’s more of a performance. However, the entertainment element goes beyond that. If you check out the WWE news today, you’ll see how many of the articles are focused not on the matches but on wrestler’s personalities.

These people aren’t mere athletes today, they are showmen. You can understand that this is a great thing when you read articles like this. You can find many similar confessions of wrestling fans who have seen the athletes as childhood heroes first. For many of them these people become inspirations and watching their careers and performances helps their fans cope with some challenges in their own lives. In this regard, pro wrestling is an art.

One also cannot deny that wrestlers make for impressive athletes. Many of them have struggled with some huge problems, from injuries to drug addictions. Yet, they came out through this and became tougher and more impressive. That’s personal success stories that can lift one’s spirits on the worst of days.

  • Pro wrestling isn’t your regular contest

When you watch a regular sports game, you clearly know that its purpose is for one team or athlete to win, right? With professional wrestling it’s definitely not the purpose. In fact, the winner matters very little, which makes it much more of a challenge for the wrestlers.

Like all artists, their main purpose is to make the audience forget that the things they witness aren’t real. They are brutal and sometimes outright tragic. However, they aren’t real sports contests. There is no ‘stronger’ or ‘better’ party in a pro wrestling match, there is only a team of people working together to bring you joy. The challenge for them is to make the performance believable and entertaining, and that’s the real contest they are dedicated to.

The thing that makes pro wrestling such a great sport to watch is that this kind of focus on the audience ensures that you are the one who wins in the end.

  • It makes your Mondays fun

For a pro wrestling fan a Monday isn’t the worst day of the week because they have WWE Monday Night Raw to look forward to. Unlike regular weekend sports games and matches, this show gets your week to a great start regardless of how hard a workday you had before it.


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