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Cody Cruz’s Rapidly Growing Marketing Empire

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The twenty-first century is an era of creativity. As society has adapted to cultural norms and creations, entrepreneurs across a wide spectrum have begun to actively explore their interests.

Cody Cruz is among one of these aspiring individuals. Developing a love for interpersonal communication at a young age, he has recently created a social media management company that endorses and supports many well-known celebrities, athletes, and businesses. His journey of hard work and dedication is admirable across the board, inspiring young entrepreneurs to chase their dreams.  

The shores of Newport Beach, California, have paved the way for Cruz. Inspired by the uprise of social media platforms, he capitalized on the expanding industry. After interning at Gigg with founder Scott Warner, he amassed the needed skills to start his own marketing company. His main focus includes talent management, social media handling, voiceover work, and content creation. His passion for helping his clients is admirable – by focusing on his customer’s satisfaction, he stands above the competition.

“My greatest success emanates from the trust that the majority of my customers have entrusted in me,” Cruz says. “For that reason, I never let them down despite the depth I have to endure and ensure that they get value for their money.”

Because of this ethic, his once small business has now become one of the most popular media management companies in the industry. 

Future plans for Cruz and his company are plentiful. In the next five years, they are projected to be among the top marketing agencies in the country, as well as ranking among the best of talent managers and content creators globally. The standards of trustworthiness and customer satisfaction prove invaluable when standing above the competition. Cruz’s ability to work under minimal supervision all while ensuring the trustworthiness of clientele is a factor that he holds dearest and works towards achieving.

“As a social media marketer, a talent manager and content creator, we are already setting advanced milestones for the next five years,” Cruz notes. “Our company seeks to make tremendous strides into the marketing business to ensure the trust bestowed on us by our huge clientele base is maintained at all times.”

High levels of marketing take a committed, heartfelt team of talented individuals. Cruz’s business plans on adding on to their extensive list of well-known individuals. Additionally, they plan on offering financial support to ailing but viable ventures.

“All of our business endeavors are channeled towards maintaining the value for money that our customers pay for our services,” Cruz reflects. “Despite the uncountable players in the business, we remain committed to meeting your marketing needs.”

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