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Born and raised in the film capital of India, Sonia Bajaj knew her true calling ever since she was young. By stepping out of the family norm and pursuing her dream of filmmaking, she has successfully made her mark in the film industry.

Moving to the United States in 2013 and earning her Master’s Degree in Filmmaking from New York Film Academy really pushed Bajaj to step out of her comfort zone and take hold of her  dreams. Her first short film, “The Best Photograph”, was nominated and premiered at the Manhattan Film Festival, and she was finally known as a filmmaker.

Bajaj founded her own production company, Western Walk Productions LLC, and has directed and produced several short films, which have screened at prestigious film festivals across USA and globally,  bringing her numerous accolades. Besides being engaged in the development of her upcoming  feature film “Black Rose”, Bajaj has been a curator in film festivals such as Downtown Los Angeles  Film Festival.

From a very early age, Sonia realized she wanted to narrate stories about women  to not only highlight women’s issues but also encourage more women-oriented films to be made in the film industry. She recognized many global issues and wanted to bridge the gap between female leads and films.

Her next film, Black Rose, is going into production in the coming months. It’s a feature film centering around the story of a woman trapped in an abusive relationship  and how she empowers herself. Given the ongoing Me Too movement and the need for more  films by and about women, this film certainly stands for these important issues

Along with her filmmaking success, Bajaj has goals that are bound to be achieved. She wants to start her own foundation where part of her earnings can benefit mankind. Through her films, she knows she can bring some light to various important issues and through donations and contributions, making her a small contributor to make this world a better place. Aiming to one day work with Reese Witherspoon, a successful  actor, entrepreneur and a mother who took charge of her career, Bajaj carries out her values and goals as they are a motivating force for her future.

With the ideal goal of being able to film all over the world, the opportunities are endless. She notes that opportunities like those will give her the chance to interact and collaborate with different cultures, creativities and mindsets from all over the world.

Outside of work, Bajaj stays active in her hobbies, which include reading, yoga, traveling, and cooking.

Passionate about empowering women, she tries to positively influence the world we live in through her films, having her career reflect what she stands for.

I have always believed in the saying that empowered women empower women”, adds Bajaj.

Bajaj follows advice from one of her previous casting directors, who said to never apologize for being inexperienced. Success is not being perfect, “it is waking up every day and still feeling enthusiastic about wanting to achieve more” she adds.

Inspired to make films that people can relate to, going deep within their souls and digging out old memories, Bajaj’s mission is to empower women and enforce strong female leads in her films. In doing so, she will create inspiring, tactful, and deep scripted films that get to the heart of familial ties and modernization.

Proud of her journey, Sonia Bajaj is excited to see what the future holds for her and her filmmaking career. With big dreams and a committed mindset, there is no doubt her career is going to take off!


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