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Sailun Tires

Arjun’s initial days in New Zealand were marked by constant comments on race and stereotypes. This had proven to have made an impactful dent in the mind of this young immigrant. Adversities help build the best character. Battling with self-doubt and underconfidence at an early age helped Arjun develop this.

Arjun, also known as theajsound,  started by helping others struggling with similar challenges. He envisions assisting others in attaining the level of confidence and self-trust he has by sharing his experiences, stories, and real-life hacks.

Arjun is a certified professional and business coach with ICP-ACC (ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching), New Zealand. He has a passion for communicating his thoughts and messages through music. This adds a great essence and depth to his work. Arjun’s album #beYou is set to release in mid-2022. He is a singer, songwriter, and producer of this most-awaited album.

The tracks of #beYou involve inspiring stories directly from the composer’s personal life. The music reflects his battles with trauma to reach his current standing. Currently, the album is under production and near completion. It is based on the journey to self-discovery and self-betterment.

In addition to being a coach and an artist, Arjun hosts a variety of podcasts to actively discuss topics that are close to his heart, like mental well-being. “#beYou” is credited to be a “psychologically-safe podcast.” It takes pride in bringing a fresh perspective to the listener’s life through novel storytelling. It has proven to be effective in explaining the prevailing misunderstandings about mental health.

The podcast follows two simple yet effective rules. Firstly, assumptions and judgments are instantly blocked from the show. Secondly, the approach of ELMO is followed. ELMO is an acronym for “enough, let’s move on.” At first sight of misdirected conversations, there is a strong emphasis on topic change.

Through persistent and sincere efforts, Arjun (theajsound) has managed to help several people with mental health concerns. His outreach to the needy has created an impact and sparked conversations on taboo topics.

We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.  


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