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Meet: Moon Pod

Sailun Tires

Seems like everywhere you turn these days, someone is selling you a mattress.

Did you get one out of a box in a Labor Day sale? Me too. Now that we’ve covered that, let me introduce you to, in my opinion, the most incredible advancements in comfortable lounging since sweatpants.

Moon Pod products would be like the beanbag of your youth if beanbag chairs were designed by ergonomics experts and futurists, not just a trio of chainsmoking Italians, sitting on styrofoam and trying to find something that hippies wanted to chill on in the 1970s.  The Moon Pod product line was created with the idea of getting more people into a more relaxed state of being. Thanks in part to massive success via Kickstarter, Moon Pod managed to raise more than a million dollars to get this product off the ground and start delivering new ways to relax directly to consumers. 

More Americans report feeling stressed, angry, frustrated, and overwhelmed than ever before. The good news is that Moon Pod can help. Created as the ultimate relaxation station, the Moon Pod offers supreme comfort as you sit, relax, nap, and kickback. Made up of thousands of high-density microbeads that form to and around the shape of your body, the Moon Pod creates an entirely individualized support system for all shapes and sizes.

Designed with weightlessness in mind, the Moon Pod uses micro-cushions to transfer your body’s weight across the pod, creating a floating, free sensation. Take it from me when I say this is an ideal place to spend an afternoon watching the RedZone and following your fantasy team on FanDuel.

Offered in five colors, the Moon Pod makes an ideal addition to any room, space, or house. From mansion mancave to bachelor pad studio, and everything in between, the Moon Pod can blend in or stand out, depending on your vibe. Weighing only 12 pounds, it’s quickly tossed aside to make room for any game of beer pong that breaks out. Taking up about four feet of space, depending on the shape, the Moon Pod can slip under a bed, be stored in a closet, or left where it is depending on the day’s circumstances. It’s as versatile as it is comfortable. 

Billed as the future of relaxation, the Mood Pod cuts out the need to crawl in bed for a 60-minute slumber. Instead, enjoy the scientifically proven ideal nap length of about twenty-six minutes right there on the pod. When you wake up, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle any project in front of you. Better yet, if you realize you’ve no projects to tackle, shift the shape and stay relaxed as you chill on the Moonpod at the scientifically proven ideal sitting angle of 135 degrees. From sleeping to sitting, Moon Pod has used science to improve how customers relax and unwind.

If you’re still not sold, or more likely, you find yourself asking: but what else can I do with a Moon Pod? Let me introduce you to Moon Pod’s slightly more substantial and dynamic friend, Super Moon.

It’s like if Moon Pod did HIIT workouts for a month and then came back as a more swoll version of itself. 

The Super Moon offers all the comfort of the original Moon Pod but with a few added bonuses, namely, size. The Super Moon slogan says it best, so no need to get too clever here: “Stay inside, cozy up, and relax with a friend.” This is the type of item that someone who had a Moon Pod but now has a significant other will want to grab immediately.Recently, you had the opportunity to get out of the house, hang in a backyard or park with friends and acquaintances, but summer has turned to fall, and fall begets winter. This is the ideal time to plop down on the Super Moon with that someone special and do whatever it is you’ve decided you’re going to do to pass the time. For some of us, that means days of YouTube and Netflix, and others, Call of Duty on your new PlayStation 5. The SuperMood pod is perfect for just about any indoor activity. Grab yourself an IPA and a hard seltzer for your partner and settle into the Super Moon. 

At twice the size of the original, the Super Moon is comfortable enough for you to enjoy hours of mashing the vids on your own or with a friend. Because of its amorphous nature, it’s difficult to give the exact specs of the Super Moon. Ballpark though, if you can chunk out a five-foot by four-foot space for a three-foot thick beanbag chair, then this is the seating option you’ll want.  

My suggestion is to go ahead and grab the Crescent by Moon Pod and add a level of support and comfort that other pillows just don’t quite fulfill. Made with the same ergonomic technology and specifications as the Moon Pod and Super Moon, the Crescent takes your zero-gravity relaxation to a whole new level. If you thought you knew chilling, I reckon that this combo of Mood Pod (or Super Moon) plus Crescent will genuinely blow you away. 

I can’t really say enough about how comfortable I’ve found myself when just hanging out around the house on the Moon Pod. I need fewer naps, feel more rested, have better posture, and have the spot that everyone else tries to claim as theirs. There is, in my opinion, no better way to try to relax than on a Moon Pod product. They truly are relaxation products designed for bosses and masters of the house. 

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