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It seems like you can’t turn around these days without seeing CBD mentioned. Pro athletes are using it, celebrities are embracing it, the government is confused about it. It’s suddenly everywhere – in lattes, in spas, in pet stores. But how do you really use it? How do you know what you’re even getting? Is it better? MÜV™ CBD is rethinking how CBD products are made and how they work, focusing on a scientific approach to more effective CBD. And they’re onto something big.

What is CBD?

Full name ‘cannabidiol’, (see why everyone says ‘CBD?) it’s one of the primary components of cannabis, and the recent years of cannabis decriminalization, legalization and medical exploration have brought CBD into the spotlight.

What does it do?

First, what it doesn’t do. It doesn’t get you high. At all. It’s a non-psychoactive cannabis component, unlike its popular cousin THC (which is the life of the party when it comes to getting a buzz). 

What it does do, according to the experts, is promote homeostasis in various systems of the central nervous system. It does this by interacting with our body’s own endocannabinoid system. Our body actually produces chemical agents very much like cannabinoids, which is why the plant has complex effects on us. The ECS seems to be all about keeping systems in balance, modulating things like our reactions to stress, internal pain, inflammation, sleep, digestion.

This one system ends up having broad effects on things that impact us throughout each and every day, and this is why CBD appears to be many things to many different people – a sleep aid for one person and a great anti-inflammatory for another. Anxiety reducing for John, energizing for Kamal.

How do you take it?

Some people get CBD by smoking high-CBD strains of weed or vaping high-CBD oil. That’s fine and good, but if you’re focused on health, the harm from smoking and vaping is definitely offsetting the positive effects of the CBD. 

Many full-spectrum products let you ingest high-CBD cannabis in capsule or liquid form. Definitely a healthier way to go, but you’ll still be getting a fair (and unpredictable) amount of THC in the mix, along with other cannabinoids. While cannabis has lost a lot of stigma lately, having THC in your system can still be potentially bad news in a lot of situations.

We’re now at a point where cannabinoids can be isolated and prepared in a range of formats. For those who want to get CBD, and only CBD, into their system, hemp-extracted CBD extracts are the way to go. You want CBD? Take pure CBD.

Not All CBD Products Are Created Equal

There’s still a lot of variation when it comes to pure CBD products and their effectiveness. You can buy and use lotions and tinctures with high volumes of CBD in them without actually getting the effects you’re looking for. Why? Cannabinoids like CBD are chemically not water-soluble, and that makes a world of difference if you’re trying to get CBD into the body to do its thing. A lotion full of CBD will pretty much just sit on the skin and not reach most of the ECS receptors below the surface, much less reach the bloodstream where it really makes a difference. An oily CBD tincture will not dissolve in a beverage and won’t be quickly or efficiently digested. So, are we stuck with smoking the stuff?

The Key to Truly Effective CBD

Luckily, no. The key is to make that CBD into a water-soluble substance which enables real bioavailability. The EnCaps™ process used by MÜV CBD for encapsulating cannabinoids is the key to unlocking the real potential of CBD. It packages the CBD molecules into water-soluble micelles, which essentially makes them behave in the way we need them to.

This opens the door to some really exciting CBD products. Ideally, you want to get CBD into the bloodstream for fully systemic effects. Encapsulation allows MÜV CBD to produce a Transdermal Gel that not only soothes the skin, it penetrates through the skin and subdermal tissues. Along the way it engages the CB1 and CB2 receptors in those tissues, eventually reaching the bloodstream for full systemic effects. This ticks all the boxes for those seeking a great CBD work-out recovery option – it works fast, it’s fully systemic and it also works on the tissues in passes through.

This same transdermal gel is combined with a state-of-the-art, slow-release patch membrane for a 72-hour CBD Patch that delivers a slow, steady microdose of CBD. This is perfect for those who want a low, even level of CBD rather than a fast, larger dose. It can stay on in the shower, but it can also be removed and reapplied to pause and restart the dose.

Even ingestible CBD benefits from encapsulation. MÜV CBD Encapsulated Tincture is perfectly dissolvable in beverages. No disgusting oily film on top of your juice or coffee or beer (yes, that’s a thing). But even once it’s been chugged down, encapsulated CBD is a more bioavailable and faster-acting option than traditional tinctures. This is because it doesn’t rely on full GI-tract metabolization, which is slower and less effective. Encapsulated CBD takes a clever short-cut and passes through the tissues within the digestive tract to get right into the bloodstream.

And yes, the encapsulation technology is real science. In the cannabinoid world patents are a rare achievement, and EnCaps was recently awarded patents in both the US and EU. MÜV CBD products are all tested and certified as THC-free (meaning they have to have less than 0.3% THC present) and are all proudly made in the USA. Whatever your reason for using CBD, make sure you use CBD products that really deliver.


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