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5 Thoughtful Gifts For Business Travelers 

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These gifts for the organized business traveler are thoughtful, practical, and sure to make the seatmates a little envious.

Browse these hand-selected gifts for the traveling businessman to show them you care.

1. Emergency Travel Kit

Emergencies happen without respect for time or location, and not having an emergency travel kit can hinder your trip. It’s important to have essential needs, like travel-sized shampoo, body wash, and toothpaste tabs to save your own and maybe even your travel partner’s run-out-the-door emergencies.

Choose an emergency kit that caters to the businessman you know so well. Think of a travel medicine kit with space for an inhaler, epi-pen, or medication.

2. Noise-Canceling Headphones

You can’t go wrong with a nice pair of noise-canceling headphones when shopping for someone who travels a lot.

Whether working at a local coffee shop or trying to get some sleep on an airplane, helping your business traveler get some sleep or enjoy some quiet time on a noisy flight will help them enjoy their trip and come home happy.

3. New Carry-On Luggage

If you’re looking for ideas your businessman will use again and again, luggage is a great choice. Many business travelers live out of their suitcases and don’t want to bother checking their bags every time.

A small carry-on can suit any traveler’s needs for short business trips. Don’t allow your businessman to carry old luggage for years until its wheels are popped off, and the zippers are held together with safety pins. Pamper him with a luxury case he’ll be proud to carry on board instead of checking on.

If you’re debating between a large suitcase and a carry-on for your businessman, the safer route is choosing a carry-on because this smaller case can always be used for smaller trips or as an addition to their checked luggage.

You can also add a suitcase tag to match your traveler’s personality. A suitcase tag is an accessory that will make luggage more recognizable, so your traveler doesn’t spend precious time searching for their bag instead of preparing their presentation.

4. Portable Power Banks

The last thing anyone wants is to be stranded without a charge, and it can be hard to find a wall plug or charging port location when traveling by car or plane.

A portable power bank is a must when traveling with phones, laptops, tablets, or chargers. Most business travelers are plugged in their entire journey, whether responding to emails, scrolling through social platforms, or watching shows or videos.

A portable power bank can also be a great gift for employees, and by adding your company logo on the device you can get increased exposure wherever they go. Branded powerbanks are a perfect way to show your traveling employees you care whilst giving them a promotional product that has utility!

You can also consider getting them a case charger. It’s a great gift for those who are always connected and want to avoid a low battery.

5. Passport Cover Or Document Organizer

Passports, boarding passes, business documents, credit cards, and IDs are all traveler’s most important possessions, and they can be easily lost or misplaced when digging through a bag.

Help your business traveler avoid the stress of losing any of these items by getting them a book made specifically for their precious documents.

There are many cool and cute designs; you can personalize them to what you think best fits your traveler. A business card holder is also a great choice of document organizer, and many passport books have a spot for IDs plus other cards, so business travelers can swap business cards easily without shuffling through their bags.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of where your business traveler is headed and whether they’re going by train, plane, or car, all the items above are great gifts specially chosen to make their lives easier and remind them that you care.


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