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Natural, Organic and Your Own: Regrowing Lost Hair

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Let’s be honest, we may only have organically grown food and gluten-free beer on our grocery list but when it comes to our normalization of over-the-counter and prescription drugs, our health compass gets a little confused.

We run to paracetamol for a hangover or minor headaches, use antidepressants, take a handful of supplements for breakfast, and even set our hopes on medication to cure our hair loss.

We chose to deal with the side effects of the drugs we take varying from cholesterol to acne and heartburn, even when the harmful dark side of “the cure” causes damage elsewhere on our body. This collective craze is somehow justified because everyone takes them, and also because synthetic medications offer a quick fix.

Similarly, our common impulse is to search for a drug in response to whatever unwanted feeling we experience in or on our bodies. Most of us assume that there’s a magic pill for everything. While there may be a magic pill for most situations that make us feel uncomfortable in our bodies, it is public knowledge that the majority of drugs suppress the symptoms instead of healing them.

Anyhow, we are here to talk about uplifting solutions for the suffering of humankind so let’s discuss what else offers a quick but permanent fix for a change, naturally and organically. Nope, we are not going to promote ayurvedic practices or homeopathy, although you should probably take a look at both subjects when you get a chance.

The Only Natural Way to Regrow Lost Hair is also The Most Cost Effective

Raise your hand if you have been suffering from alopecia or any other form of hair loss and have searched for medications to regrow your hair. You may have even taken things further and spent a fortune on the most recommended hair growth pills, medical shampoos, and whatnot.

Perhaps, you are spending on these for many years, without losing hope and without success. We’re not here to judge. We are here to help all who suffer from hair loss to make an informed decision while showing the quickest path to get your hair back permanently. It’s called a hair transplant, which is know to cost less but good in Turkey, like in the example below!

A hair transplant procedure is different from a kidney transplant since it’s your own hair taken from healthy donor areas and replanted on your balding spots. It’s safe and secure, and the medical world has achieved to raise the bar quite a bit with its success rates.

You also won’t sleep over at the hospital, it is only local anesthetics that is applied and you are free to go home straight after.

Priceless but Not Free

If what you’ll pay for a permanent hair transplant seems expensive to you, think twice. What’s high-cost is taking pills that have horrendous side effects that give no guarantee to work on you.

A hair transplant is never an expensive solution for what it provides but the cost depends on these four things; 

  1. Where you get it done: The cost of a hair transplant will differ from country to country. Mangoes are cheap in the tropics but expensive in Finland. 
  2. Expertise level of the surgeon: We all know the difference between an Intern and an Assistant Professor.
  3. The technique and technology used: The better the more costly.
  4. The size of the balding area you want to be filled in: Logic 101. A 2000 grafts hair transplant costs less than a 5000 grafts hair transplant.


Wherever you want actually. This is entirely up to you and your budget because wherever it is that you undergo a hair transplant, it will be worth it and life-changing.

Just know that developed countries with a strong currency are more expensive (in fact much more expensive) than their developing counterparts and that some nations have already specialized in advanced hair transplant techniques while others missed the train.

Statistically and reputation-wise, the leading country is Turkey, even Afro hair transplants give significantly superior results there. Apparently, they don’t only cook a great kebab but have also worked for decades to become the world leader in certain areas of medical tourism.

But it gets even better, most clinics in the country offer packages that include VIP transfers from the airport to your luxurious hotel and from your hotel to the clinic – and back. Obviously, they offer a classy stay in a luxury hotel and an assistant who speaks your language.

It’s not over, your doctor consultation, hairline design, and the operation itself are also included. Undergoing a hair transplant at a great clinic in Turkey by a highly experienced surgeon will cost five times less than getting it done in the US, Canada, Australia, or Switzerland.


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