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6 Hacks For Every Guy to Upgrade Their Aesthetic

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Even the most sartorial men need the inspiration to upgrade their look from time to time. And men with the most attention to detail still appreciate saving time when achieving their ideal aesthetic. From curating a simplified grooming routine, the perfect capsule wardrobe, and other hacks, you can look your best without developing decision fatigue. If you’re looking for ways to head into the new year feeling your best without investing too much time, keep reading for simple hacks that will instantly upgrade your entire vibe.

The Right Tools 

Whether you manscape your entire body or just keep your unibrow in check, having the right tools for the job makes a world of difference. You wouldn’t try to build a deck with shoddy and rusted tools, would you? Upgrade your aesthetic with high-quality tools like tweezers and scissors. The right scissors for nose hairs and beard trimming can cut serious time off these grooming practices. The same goes for tweezing eyebrows and any hard-to-reach body hair.

Seasonal Scents 

The rules of fragrance have changed a lot, even in the last few years, with men wearing women’s perfumes and women wearing men’s colognes. While it’s true there are no hard-and-fast rules regarding the game of fragrance, keeping things seasonal can upgrade your aesthetic with no effort. From designer colognes, dupes available in most beauty stores, or even essential oils, matching your scent to the season shows you put in that thoughtful touch instead of relying on the same cologne you’ve been wearing since college.

Tuck it In 

You might have thought it was dorky as a child to have to tuck in your shirt, but as a grown man, this can instantly upgrade your look and give other guys serious style envy. The most fashionable men tuck in pretty much every shirt, from t-shirts, polos, and of course, button-downs. If you don’t want to tuck in your shirt, make sure you’re purchasing tops designed to be left untucked and purchasing them in the correct size every time.

Hair Care 

Looking for a way to stand out from the rest of the guys? Upgrading your hair care is essential. Do you own a hair dryer? Or have you just put Pomade in your wet hair and let the cards fall where they may for decades? This is again a case of the right tools for the job, but investing in high-quality hair products, weekly hair masks, and tools to style your hair is key to looking your best. If you’re unsure how to style your hair, get a quick tutorial from your stylist the next time you get a cut, which by the way, should be every six to eight weeks, or your sources like YouTube and social media to learn how to achieve your best hairstyle at home.

Hire a Tailor 

What’s the point in investing in a quality wardrobe if you’re not going to take care of it so that it lasts? While it’s great finding things that fit you perfectly right off the rack, most men aren’t so lucky. Finding a local tailor and forming a relationship with them is the best way to look dressed to the nines effortlessly. When your clothes fit like they were made for you, you can get away with the most casual outfits and still win best dressed.

Play With Prints 

While there’s something to be said for solid neutrals in a classic wardrobe, give your outfit that extra oomph by playing with patterns. Stripes, florals, plaids, you name it! These thoughtful patterned additions can set you apart from other men still dressing in a way that plays it safe. If you’re not comfortable with bright and bold colors, look for patterns in the color scheme you are comfortable with. Beautiful florals can make a serious impact in modern black and white.

By using the above hacks, you’ll look phenomenal and feel that way too. The devil is in the details, so paying attention to things like your scent, proper fit, and having your grooming game locked down are key. Head into any situation with confidence and style. Here’s looking at you, kid.



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