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Chin Up Guys, There’s Greatness Hiding Behind Your Beard

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It’s time to celebrate the most important and unique facial feature that’s been hiding behind masks for far too long: the chin.

Did you think we were talking about something else? You’re not alone. The chin is often neglected; in fact, 71 percent of men rarely pay attention to the base of their face during their grooming routines. According to a survey by Schick® Hydro, only 16 percent of Canadians actually think of their chin’s appearance on a regular basis.

How ironic — it points upward in optimism on our worst days, yet we ignore it to the point that it’s turned into a stiff upper lip. That’s the kind of realization that would send any man into deep thought… and guess which facial feature he’d cradle in cognition?

Schick® believes that every inch of a man’s face deserves the same love and attention as other prominent facial features. We’re here to help you celebrate your chin-dividuality so you can embrace the chin you’re in.

Love the chin you’re in 

Did you know that only one-in-five Canadians consider the chin one of their top facial features? Few men rank it as their face’s most attractive aspect, but those who do, wear it loud and proud. No chin straps, goatees, or Balbos on these boys. Just smooth skin beneath a winning smile.

Have you ever wondered who’s hiding beneath your chin? Our chin experts scratched their heads in thought, wondering what — or who — our chins were concealing. After spending countless hours measuring the mandible and jotting down jawbone notes,  Schick® has created five chin archetypes to help Canadian men know themselves chinside and out. 

  • Square Chins: This chin is the showstopper, the main event, the icon. The square chin is the most desirable chin type among men. Women are more likely to perceive square chins as stubborn or arrogant, while men are more likely to perceive them as sexy and attractive. No wonder we call this chin style The Rocker.

  • Pointy Chin: This chin means business, no bones about it. Pointy chins are often seen as assertive, confident and energetic. It’s a sharp facial feature that leaves a piercing impression in people’s minds – which is why we like to refer to it as The Dagger.

  • Cleft Chin: Falling in love with a face is effortless when you have a cleft chin. People who encounter a cleft chin see these jawbones come together with confidence and assertiveness. It’s a style that’s desirable to a special kind of man and woman. We call it The Lover, and if you have a cleft chin in your life, you know why.

  • Round Chin: Who ever said jawlines need to be actual lines? Round chins are often perceived as approachable, kind and understanding. This chin type helps a man’s caring eyes and warm smile come full circle, creating a cute and cuddly face that you can count on. We like to call this one The Hedgehog.

  • Double Chin: What’s better than one round chin? Two chins worthy of love. The Twin Chin is one that we adore, and we’re not alone. Double chins are often seen as cuddly, approachable and quiet. Twin Chin caps can stay as silent as mysterious as they like; we’ll sing their praises for them.

Show Your Chin Some Love & Keep That Stubble Shaved Down

This isn’t Schick®’s first time between the cheeks. We know that no two chins are the same and that every man’s face shape is as unique as the man that they are. Schick® is proud to release their new Hydro Skin Comfort™ Stubble Eraser™ Razor. These revolutionary razors allow you to comfortably shave up to seven days of stubble off any chin shape. A unique deep stubble comb aligns hairs with the leading blade for a close shave with less tugging, pulling, and irritation.

They’ve infused green tea into each razor’s 19 Gel Pods to soothe and refresh your skin with every stroke. They’ve added a flip-back precision trimmer to edge and trim the hard-to-reach places no matter which chin profile you’re rocking. The Schick® Hydro Skin Comfort™ Stubble Eraser™ Razor is dermatologist tested and built by a men’s skincare company that guys have trusted their most sensitive areas to for nearly a century.

Guys, you’ve been hiding your chin for far too long. Remove the veil covering your face and breathe easier knowing that your noble chin has nothing to hide. Celebrate your chin-dividuality with Schick®’s new Hydro Skin Comfort™ Stubble Eraser™ Razor and keep that chin up no matter what you have to face.



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