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In a time where more men are realizing that self care is health care, we get another option to help with that health pursuit. Mēn·i·[cure] Grooming Ltd is a new introduction to the Toronto spa experience that caters to the needs of men. Located in the heart of Toronto, on Queen Street West, this exclusive space was designed with great intention and detail that most men will certainly appreciate.

Upon arrival, you are greeted by name and seated in one of their luxury areas that immediately makes you feel relaxed. Next is when the pampering really begins! First, you are offered a beverage from their fully licensed bar or a great gourmet coffee, then you have the option to select from the vast array of your individual tv screens, where you get to pick your favorite show or movies to enjoy while you are being pampered. To take it to the next level Mēn·i·[cure] has a sound cone that is above your head, allowing you to listen to your show selection without disturbing the person next to you. This alone makes you feel like you are at home getting these great services.

To get your #groomgame right, Mēn·i·[cure] has an incredible team of professionals that are knowledgeable and experienced ready to provide the service(s) of your desire at an exceptional level. Services provided include:


Laser Hair Removal: Laser hair reduction is a process in which hair follicles are treated with laser light which deteriorates the hair, resulting in permanent hair reduction. Laser hair reduction is safe (FDA approved), effective, and provides long-lasting results. If you suffer from in-grown hairs or razor bumps this is a savior. The beauty of this process is once you make the investment in any area you desire, it is permanent which offers great value. Book here

Hands & Feet: We know the state of our hands and feet signals an obvious level of grooming excellence. Mēn·i·[cure] helps men maintain a high level of self care in this area. They offer a few options to tackle both or individually, each getting your appearance game right thus increasing your confidence, self appreciation level and how others perceive you. Book here

Waxing / Sugaring: Many of us know what waxing is, but ‘sugaring’? Sugaring is a special paste that is only applied to the hair in the opposite direction of growth. This allows hair removal in a way that prevents skin tear, for less discomfort and less of those 40 year old virgin scene moments of screaming in pain. The best part is it works on all areas of the body. Book here

Facials: Includes a cleanse, steam, exfoliation, facial massage (3 mins), face mask, toner, eye cream, moisturizer, and SPF.

Grooming is health care and Mēn·i·[cure] provides an advantageous resource to help us guys maintain our health at top levels because quite simply, when we look good, we feel good.


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