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What is Full Lip Micropigmentation?

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Are you lacking confidence in the color or shape of your lips? Or do you simply want to change the color of your lips to brighten up your face? The full lip micropigmentation North Carolina method could be just what you’re looking for without the hassle of having to apply lipstick multiple times a day. You will have glossy, attractive lips without going through surgery (gel injection, fillers, etc.) or cosmetics.

Below, we will provide the basics of a permanent makeup technique for your lips – full lip micropigmentation.

What is Full Lip Micropigmentation?

About Full Lip Micropigmentation

Full Lip Micropigmentation or permanent makeup (PMU) is a revolutionary way to deliver hypoallergenic mineral pigments into the epidermis of the lip skin. With an ultra-thin, pigmented needle, the shape of the lips is enhanced. Micropigmentation is sometimes confused with cosmetic tattoos (e.g., eyebrow tattooing or eyeliner tattooing). However, pigments used for permanent makeup are inserted less deeply into the skin and have a different composition than tattoo ink. Micropigmentation devices are also more refined than tattoo machines, and the techniques used are also different.


Full lip micropigmentation is a term that means pigmented implants that fill the entire area of ​​your lips. This procedure will shape your lips, giving them a fuller and more even look.

First, the specialist will outline the contour around the lips with a cosmetic pencil according to your requirements in thickness/thinness. This step will help reshape the lips to better harmonize with the face if you have asymmetrical lips.

Then you choose the color you want. Many people prefer to choose colors close to their natural lip color. However, if you choose lighter and darker shades than your natural lip color, the effect will last longer.

The lip micropigmentation will perform cosmetic surgery quickly and painlessly using a unique device with a micro-needle tip. Technicians will insert the color pigment into the lip cuticle according to the outline shape made in step 1.

How long does the effect last?

Color fading may occur depending on the color pigment and your daily lip care. Usually, the effect of full lip micropigmentation will last for five years. Some people even give us feedback that their lip color has lasted ten years without fading too much.

Who’s suitable for it?

The full lip micropigmentation method is especially suitable for those who have thin lips and want to plump them up; those of you with poor lip pigmentation; or those who want to restore the lip shape due to aging. In our youth, our lips are soft, full, and have an excellent natural tone. As the aging process begins, we lose our lips’ shape, contour, fullness, and color.

Notes before and after full lip micropigmentation


  • Ten days before the procedure, do not take blood thinners (aspirin, etc.)

  • Do not take antibiotics two weeks before and after the procedure; otherwise, the body will eliminate the pigment.

  • Ten days before the procedure, no tanning and indoor tanning (if you have a severe sunburn, you will only be able to book an appointment after the skin has returned to its natural shine, this helps the specialist select the tone) correct color).

  • Do not drink alcohol 24 hours before the procedure and stimulant drinks (coffee, strong tea, caffeinated products, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, energy drinks), limiting the use of care products. Take care of your skin, and don’t eat spicy food. These factors contribute to blood thinning, which can lead to increased lymphatic secretion, difficulty for the specialist, and complications in the healing process.

  • Do not smoke 2 hours before the procedure.

  • Before the procedure, you should complete a course of treatment with the drug Herpenorm. It is necessary to start taking the medicine the day before or on the process (within 5 days). In this case, medication is needed to prevent herpes.

  • Applying a nourishing lip balm a few days before the procedure is recommended to avoid excessive dryness and peeling of the lips afterward. The uniformity of permanent lip coverage during wound healing depends on this.

  • You should not have a lip micropigmentation procedure when you have just whitened your teeth because pigment can be accidentally left on the enamel when you eat and drink. You should whiten your teeth after micropigmentation of your lips for at least two weeks.

  • Lip augmentation with fillers. The time between lip injection and micropigmentation should be 2-3 weeks.


  • To achieve the required quality and durability of lip micropigmentation, at least 1 Top-up correction procedure is required within 1-3 months.

  • At the end of the first day after the procedure, small flakes form on the surface of the skin – to reduce the formation, you should regularly wipe the micro pigmented area with cotton soaked in Corsodyl solution on the day of the procedure.

  • Three days after the procedure, it is not recommended to plan important events because makeup on the lips is strictly prohibited. Your lips are in the process of recovery.

  • Avoid physical contact with lips: Do not touch! Do not scratch! Do not peel! It does not accelerate the peeling process! Don’t let it crack!

  • If your lips feel tight and uncomfortable, apply a small amount of medicine to your lips as recommended by a specialist (wash your hands before using medicine).

  • Do not apply skincare products, lipstick, or camouflage on and around the affected area until complete treatment.

  • Do not expose your lips to the sun for three weeks after the procedure to prevent pigmentation fading. Use a cream or lip balm with a high sun protection factor (SPF 30).

Is Traditional Tattoo Ink Used?

Not. Indeed, this happened many years ago, which is one reason why regular makeup looks so unnatural. Today, modern pigments are much thicker than traditional tattoo inks. Therefore, it gives a more natural, smooth effect.

You can still Wear Lipstick

Don’t worry that you will be left with only one lip color that can last for months or years. You can still apply any lipstick, lip gloss, or balm of your choice after your lips have completely healed.

The quality of permanent lips after the procedure depends 50% on competent post-procedural care with the help of recommended medications and hygiene rules.

The conclusion

Lip micropigmentation is the manual process of inserting natural, hypoallergenic pigments using permanent micro-thinning technology. Lip micropigmentation improves and brightens dark lips through the use of colorants. Lips are permanently colored with the color pigment of your choice. Full lip micropigmentation works wonders for your confidence while dramatically improving your overall appearance.



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