What Getting A Dog For Your Girlfriend Can Do To Your Relationship

If you are like most men, you are always looking last minute to find the best gift for your girlfriend. Valentines, Her Birthday, Christmas, all these days come and you scramble to find the perfect gift. Racking your brain to remember the last thing she said she wanted when you took her shopping on your last impromptu date. Only after you’ve bought your gift you swear to yourself that next time you’ll think ahead…but then you buy a Playstation game and forget all about the last minute panic rush you had looking for a gift, until the next special day comes along.

A gift that keeps on giving.

The simple solution? A Designer Teacup puppy.

You might think, “why would I do such a thing?” but the benefits far outweigh the cons in this gift. If every man bought a micro teacup puppy for their girlfriends, they would stop asking asking how to make a woman happy.

Teacup puppies, 2LB red micro poodles, teddy bear puppies, micro sized pure white pomeranian pocket pups and baby doll face teacup puppies are not only cute and lovable and will ultimately not only make her happy but you as well. It also sets you up to have a set of gifts pre-programmed for every special day for as long as you are together. Puppy toys and apparel, “Fur mommy” sweaters, puppy mugs, and the list goes on. Much like buying a Pandora bracelet, all you’ll need to do on every special day, is buy her something for her micro teacup puppy. You can thank us later.


But honestly, why is this a good idea?

Women inherently love to care of and nurture things that cannot take care of themselves. A teacup bulldog, or yorkie would not only make her love you, but also fulfill that need to care and nurture. Ask any married man, and they say “Happy wife, happy life”. You’ll be one step closer to having not only a happy wife but a more loving girlfriend. If your relationship seems to be losing its “spark” then you may want to reignite that flame with an exclusive designer teacup puppy. Quickly.

Ok, I am sold. Where do I get one?

Visit tiny-teacup.com There you’ll find blue eyed teacup french bulldogs, yorkies, and micro mini teacups. They also have the tiniest poodles and poms in rare colors. All with a 1 year health guarantee.

Purchase the worlds most exclusive designer dog for your girlfriend! Buy the smallest teacup puppy!



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