5 Preparation Tips to Succeed in Microsoft 70-410 Exam. The Truth about Practice Tests

The Microsoft 70-410 exam is a stairway for those participants who seek to enhance their skills and knowledge for making the relevant job role decisions required for configuring Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2. This test is part of the requirementsfor obtaining the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification. It proves that you havethe relevant skills and expertise required to work around implementing the WS 2012 infrastructure in an enterprise environment.

Why do you need to take this exam?

The 70-410 examwasdeveloped by Microsoftto encourage theIT professionals in achievingthe MCSA certificate. It validates your knowledge of Active Directory, networking services, along with management, maintenance, and implementation of the Windows Server 2012 infrastructure. Therefore, to prove that you hold all the required skills, you will need to pass this certification test.

Scoring well on the Microsoft 70-410 test requires tireless efforts put forth by continuously challenging yourself. Besides, it comes with a bucket load of stress and complexity in understanding the topics in order to fully prepare for the exam day. Fortunately, there are many books and courses online,which you can leverage. The latter include easy tutorials, videos, and visual materialsthat can help you easily understand complicated procedures. So, let’s cover the possible prep options in more detail.


Which sources to visit and resources to use?

If you are still on the certification page surfing the topics and details of the 70-410 exam, you can start by visiting the links, which you can find at the end of thispage. Microsoft offers you to get a five-day instructor-led course or take one of the learning paths for the self-paced training. You can also watch the prep video with some tips from the experts, try the mock test, or even buy the Exam Ref and Training Guide at the Microsoft Press Store.

After the Microsoft website, you can head to the Exam-Labs platform for a whole package containing thetraining course with 103 lectures, the study guide of 723 pages, and the premium file with 521 Questions and Answers for only $24.99. You can also get a lot of useful materials for free. Thus, there are a lot of braindumps and you even can check your level of knowledge by answering the previous version of the test. You can find them in the Exam Tutorial section. There are 479 questions, and you can know the correct answer right on this page and discuss the topic with other interested candidates. This practice test comes with proper explanations and answers to every question that they hold. So, you have nothing to worry about. And, of course, there is an exam simulator to get the full experience of the real certification test.

What preparation tips to follow?

Given below are some tips and techniques that entail some revision resources and online guides.This list will help you prepare and ace your exam. After following all these learning manuals, you will be then prepared to move on towards Microsoft 70-411 and Microsoft 70-412, respectively. Let’s, finally, dive into these preparation tips.

  • Reinforce your learning through Revision Guides

Revision guides are meant for helping you cover any content or topic that you might have missed along the way. It provides a structured content in an organized way comprehensively covering the objectives, which will be there on the test.There are numerous revision guides that can be found on Amazon or right on the Microsoft website. There is one guide prepared bythe author named Craig Zacker,and it is known for being an excellent source.You can find all the relevant content in this tutorials, which is crucial for preparation.

Some revision guides also include books. You can find numerous books online but there is a very popular one and that isthestudy guide by Williams Panek. It is a very popular manual among the students as it covers all the topics and prepares you for all three exams. These guides cover not only the objectives but also include labs, tools, and follow-up tests. Therefore, these resources have proved themselves as powerful tools in helping you identify gaps of inadequate learning and prepare you for bridging them accordingly.


  • Enroll for an Online Coaching Program

Coaching programs foster a classroom training environment, which helps in seeking knowledge and generates discussion with like-minded people. You can also opt for joining an online Microsoft forum. The Microsoft TechNet forum is a learning center that provides discussion sessions, online training, and a library full of documentation. A very useful platform indeed.

  • Prepare with the Microsoft Virtual Academy

The Microsoft Virtual Academy as its name implies is an online academythat is dedicated to provide free online training. It consists of presentations with improved visual and more immersive content that can help you during your preparation process. It also contains different articles on dozens of topics that you can use to improve your knowledge.All the content covered in this virtual platform is brilliantly useful and gives you heads up in the entire learning process.

  • Engage in taking Practice Tests

Practice testsare a great way to help you cope with time management, set benchmarks for your learning, and become familiar with the exam format. It will allow you to take several tests in a setting similar to thereal one. By taking these exams, you can check your weak points and improve your skills in these particular areas.As we mentioned earlier, you can use the practice test from the Microsoft website or the one from the Exam-Labs platform.

  • Go for a Practice Lab

You could always gain some hands-on experience through practice labs. For example, you can head to the TechNet virtual lab platformthat comes in 31 different labs. So, head over to these sites for configuring and managing servers, after all, these resources are completely free and official.

Wrapping up

By following these 5 useful tips, you will be on your way to acing the Microsoft 70-410 exam in no time. These online materials and tools will allow you to easily prepare for even the toughest test. So, what are you waiting for? Go online and prepare for yourcertification exam without any problems.


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