In today’s frenzied world, it’s easy for us to rely solely on technology and for us to forget the value of hands-on work. Indeed, there are few things that are more satisfying than building something with your hands. Whether you’re building a bookshelf, sanding down tabletops or putting together a new coffee table, creating something from scratch is not only a way for you to stay busy, but it also helps you build your self-esteem.


Research has demonstrated time and again that creating something with your hands not only helps build your workmanship skills, but it improves your mental health as well. These do-it-yourself projects, referred to as DIY projects, satisfy our primal desires to create. Moreover, because we are a technology-driven society, the search for the right product often deprives us of associated processes that involve pleasure, meaning, and pride in our work. These, in turn, are important because when we use our hands to create things, our stress levels and depression decrease and our happiness increases, and with it grows our sense of self-worth and self-esteem. So building that spice rack isn’t just about proving your ability: it’s also about building yourself up.


If a loved one has a birthday or other celebration coming up, there is no doubt that there is an endless list of potential gifts to purchase. But why not use the occasion to make something from scratch?

First, think about the person you are building something for. Do they have any favorite colors, materials, patterns, cartoon characters? Have you noticed that they need something around their house, like a desk, bookshelf, or shoe rack? The best gifts are often thoughtful as well as personal, so think carefully about who you’re creating something for.

Once you’ve decided what you’re going to build, you’ll need to research important information about the products. This can range from what materials you’ll need (wood, nails, screws, glues, etc.) as well as instructions on how to build these items. The Internet offers a repository on building most anything these days, but this might also be a good opportunity to bond with a friend or loved one who might teach you how to build something from scratch. Or perhaps consider signing up for a workshop in your local neighborhood or community in order to learn a new skill like woodworking or metalworking. Whatever you decide to build, make sure that you’re clear on the instructions and material. Otherwise, you’ll risk messing up and needing to correct your project later.

The frenzied pace of today’s world makes creating something from scratch seem like hassle and as if your time might be better invested instead scouring the Internet for that perfect gift instead of simply creating it yourself. But the satisfaction you’ll take in building something with your hands—as well as the boost to your self-esteem and overall sense of self-worth—make building something deserving of your time.


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