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Jewelry trends for men in 2022

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Gone are the days when jewelry was meant for women only, because nowadays men are equally embracing these accessories to elevate their style quotient. When paired well, even the most basic piece can add that extra panache to the entire look.

While the trend of men’s watches is evergreen, the new era is all about beaded necklaces, pearl jewelry, bracelets, and rings. Read on to find the most popular and latest jewelry trends for men in 2022.

1. Beaded Jewelry

Men’s beaded jewelry comes with a casual yet contemporary vibe, making it a perfect choice for a free-spirited guy. These are specially crafted to amp up your everyday look while still feeling comfortable and lightweight. Moreover, beaded accessories can be personalized to match any outfit. There are many types of beaded jewelry worth adding to your collection, including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings.

2. Pearl Chains

The idea of men in pearls symbolizes a period of artistic culture and marks the beginning of the jewelry revolution in menswear today. Pearl chains and bracelets are designed with a bold, trendy vibe that’s sure to make a statement. Moreover, you can pair them up with all outfits without thinking much. Pearl chains and necklaces are no less than stellar statement pieces that look effortlessly stylish. 

Since pearls are obtained from oysters, be careful while ordering the seafood next time. In December 2018, two different diners in New York City found a pearl in their oysters. The average size of pearls diners find on their dinner plates is 5mm.

3. Colorful Jewelry

2022 will be the year of maximalism and colors; hence, we can witness some unconventional colors in men’s jewelry selection this year and beyond. The spectrum will evolve to create a modish look, whether it’s colored detailing or the outer body. Like women’s jewelry, the color palate will expand to give more choices to bold and experimenting men.

4. Chain Jewelry

Although men have been accessorizing chain jewelry for years, the trend has recently expanded to offer plenty of options. A simple chain necklace hitting the mid-chest is enough to finish the basic t-shirt and jeans look. However, keep in mind that when opting for chain necklaces; always stick to thinner, sleek options for creating a subtle and classy look. You should opt for more substantial chains with interesting details when adding bracelets to your jewel box. 

5. Gold is evergreen

Gold is an excellent way to add a hint of glitz and glamor to an ensemble without going overboard. Gold jewelry oozes robustness and density while lending itself nicely to any aesthetics. So, be it chains, rings, or bracelets, you can invest in any of the classic gold items and look modish on the go. However, if gold is a little outside of your comfort zone, try pairing it with leather or black jewelry to tone it down.

6. Pendants 

Looking forward to adding the final touch of flair to your outfit? In that case, Pendants are probably what you need. Pendants are popular in 2022 and will remain in the trend for a long while, owing to their multiple options. Whether fierce or soft, you can find pendants for all personalities. Add them to your treasure trove and speak up volumes with this accessory.


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