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Trending in ’22: The Four Things You Need To Know If You’re Planning On Buying An Engagement Ring This Year

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Buying an engagement ring is a significant moment. Some couples will buy the ring together, while often one partner will buy it secretly so that they can propose with it.

Purchasing an engagement ring can be thrilling, but also daunting. Trying to guess what ring your partner may like, what gemstone to include, or if they prefer large bands or something more subtle, are all considerations to be made.

Buying an engagement ring is harder today than in the past. There are more choices, and perhaps more considerations to be made. There are even synthetic diamonds made in labs today, so everything is changing.

The price of gold and diamonds continues to rise also. Thereby making your decision even tougher as this is an investment, not just a trite purchase. It is a display of your love, but also a gift to be kept for a lifetime.

What should you be aware of when buying an engagement ring?

For some, the purchase of an engagement ring will be a joint decision. A spontaneous proposal for instance wouldn’t necessitate having a ring ready in place.

For many though, it will be a purchase made on their own, or with the help of a friend or close relative. They may be able to give advice on which gemstone and shape to choose, and on how much you should spend. They may even help by reigning you in on an over-the-top purchase.

To help you make your decision a little easier, here are four things that you should understand when choosing an engagement ring. Hopefully, they won’t complicate things further.

How much you should pay for an engagement ring

This is always a tricky area. No one wants to appear cheap, but also there is no reason to head into debt over an engagement ring. Presumably, you wish to be married at some point in the near future, and that in itself will be a huge expense.

The classic answer to this dilemma is to say that the equivalent of three months’ salary should be spent on an engagement ring. However, things have definitely changed in recent times.

According to Brides, back in 2018, the average amount spent on an engagement ring was $7,829, but in 2020, this dropped to $3,756. Now, this could be an effect of the pandemic and tightening of belts, or it may be a reflection of a new trend of being more austere.

The true answer to how much you should spend should be simply what you can afford. Set a budget and stay with it unless you see something utterly special that you know your partner would cherish.

Understanding the 4 c’s of diamonds

There are 4 areas of diamonds that are noteworthy. These are dubbed the 4 c’s and are as such:

  • Carat
  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Color

The clarity and color become more important the heavier and bigger the diamond gets. For instance, a 4-carat emerald cut diamond ring will be a highly impressive piece of jewelry. But, at that size, the clarity will come into play more so than with a 1-carat gemstone.

This is because flaws will become more visible, and the color of the diamond will also be more obvious. The cut will also be an important factor in your choice.

Which cut you should choose for your diamond?

There is no reason why you have to go for a diamond ring but they are generally accepted as being a classic choice. If you do decide to go for a diamond then you will have to make a choice of which cut, or shape, to purchase.

The most popular choice for engagement rings is a circular or round-shaped diamond. These are more expensive than other shapes though as more of the rough diamond is lost in the cutting process.

The emerald and oval are also in the list of top 3 most popular shapes for engagement rings, and you may want to look these over. The emerald is highly popular with celebrities, and this cut gives off impressive flashes as it catches the light.

The oval cut is also forever popular and is a classic style. The elongated shapes of the oval and emerald are on-trend right now and are very 2022.

You don’t have to choose traditional rings

This is something that you may not have considered, and it may be something that you and your partner could discuss together. Or, you could surprise her with something very unique.

There are many types of non-traditional engagement ring options worth considering today. You don’t have to go for a big diamond, but if you do you could consider looking at synthetic diamonds as were mentioned earlier. These would come to you knowing that they are truly ethical, which is a concern for many diamond owners.

Then there are different gemstones to consider. Birthstones are a way to express your care and thoughtfulness. Taking the time to find out your partner’s birthstone and choose a piece based on this shows some care.

Alternatively, go for joint engagement rings. Although not so popular in western culture, there are places in the world where it is normal for both men and women to wear engagement rings to show their commitment to each other.

Lastly, you could also consider a custom-made piece. Find a talented jeweler who can design a one-off engagement ring that no one else has. This could be the bridge between a traditional ring and something truly unique.


Hopefully, you are not more confused or concerned about your soon-to-be-purchased engagement ring. If you are looking for diamonds then it is crucial to take advice if you are unclear in this area. The cut, clarity, and color, are crucial when choosing a gemstone of this type.

Yet, you could also branch out and go for something totally non-traditional, and unique. Or simply choose different gemstones from diamonds and other precious metals instead of gold. Whatever you choose though, make sure it stays within budget.


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