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The Best Men’s Jewelry This Summer

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Who says jewelry is just for the feminine among us? In truth, jewelry can look fantastic on men, elevating their style and aesthetics and allowing them to express themselves more uniquely than ever before.

But just as women’s jewelry has to be chosen carefully, so too does men’s jewelry. If you want to look your best, you need to know the best men’s jewelry this summer to rock with your other sunshine-ready apparel, like T-shirts, shorts, and more. Let’s break down some of the best men’s jewelry options now!


Who can forget watches? Watches are a staple accessory for masculine attire, and for good reason. Men have worn watches for centuries. While previously men had pocket watches in their jackets or vests, now most guys wear wristwatches of different styles, colors, and aesthetic themes.

For example, you can go with a metal wristwatch of silver, gold, or bronze. Or you can choose a classic leather watch with a simple face and elegant appeal.

Odds are there are at least one or two watches out there that can complement your chosen outfits and elevate your aesthetic. Watches certainly count as jewelry, so try slipping one on your wrist for your next date out if you want to ease into wearing jewelry for the first time.

Signet Rings

However, maybe you want to decorate your fingers and hands a little more directly. Signet rings are popular among men. They’re usually larger, which many people unconsciously associate with masculine jewelry and accessories.

Furthermore, you can find signet rings with distinct styles. While you probably won’t stamp any envelopes with wax with your chosen signet ring, you can rest assured that they will adorn your fingers perfectly and make you look mature, in control, and more attractive than ever.

Plus, signet rings are available in many different metals and colors, ranging from silver to gold to titanium and more. Choose the ring with the symbol or signet of your choice, and you’ll be sure to make a statement with your jewelry!

Cuban Chain Jewelry

Then there is Cuban chain jewelry. Cuban chain jewelry has become massively popular over the last few years. There are lots of reasons for this:

  • Chain jewelry, like necklaces and bracelets, is very easy and effective to wear with different apparel options, like T-shirts, jeans, shorts, and jackets
  • Chain jewelry is versatile and very simple to pull off. In essence, almost any guy can wear a Cuban chain necklace and look great while doing so
  • Cuban chain jewelry is available in many different colors and distinct styles. While most are solid chain options, there are some varieties to help you stand out from the crowd and distinguish your unique style

For a lot of guys, Cuban link chain jewelry is also a great choice since it has a low barrier to entry. You don’t have to wear the jewelry with specific other pieces or jewelry ensembles. Just slip on a Cuban chain necklace, head out the door, and feel confident that you look great while doing so.

Classy Bracelets

Men can wear bracelets just as well as women. Thick bracelets with stylish designs or beaded bracelets can evoke a tough and straightforward or casual and free-spirited look, depending on your preferences and your character.

Plus, bracelets can be worn in groups or alongside each other without much trouble. You don’t have to just wear, for example, one bracelet per wrist. You can instead choose to take multiple bracelets with you when heading out.

Depending on the bracelets you choose, you can even combine them with a wristwatch or other jewelry in your ensemble. Bottom line: bracelets are excellent options for men’s jewelry this summer, especially since they won’t overly heat up your wrist or cause you to develop strange tan lines (like many wristwatches with thick bands!).

Twisted Rope Jewelry

Last but not least are rope jewelry items. Twisted rope jewelry is particularly popular on the West Coast and in major metro areas like LA. Twisted rope jewelry is popular since it’s versatile and perfect for jewelry newbies.

Twisted rope jewelry is pretty similar to Cuban link jewelry in that it looks sturdy and masculine, even if it comes adorned with extra jewels or with bright colors. You can find twisted rope jewelry for bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. However, twisted rope jewelry is usually a little thinner compared to Cuban link jewelry, so it might be better for smaller guys or men on the slimmer side of things.


Ultimately, you can wear any type of jewelry you like as a guy. Jewelry is more gender-neutral than ever before, and several jewelry pieces are exquisitely meant for men instead of women. Our advice? Pick out a few new jewelry pieces you really like, like a quality Cuban chain necklace or two, and expand your collection over time!



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