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Is Wearing A Wedding Band Important For A Man?

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Wearing a wedding band is an exciting and pleasant aspect of the wedding for women. However, most men don’t see it the same way.

You’ll more likely see a new bride flaunt her wedding band to her friends, colleagues, and almost anyone she meets. But, you’ll hardly see a newly married man do that.

It, therefore, implies that most men don’t seem to value wedding bands. Are wedding bands important for men also, or are they just a “women’s thing”?

Well, wearing a wedding band is important for both men and women. In several tribes around the world, they are considered a part of their tradition and culture.

And generally, a wedding band is a symbol that shows that a person is married and fully committed to their spouse.

Furthermore, aside from tradition or culture, there are other reasons for wearing a wedding band. This article will discuss the importance of wedding bands and if you should wear one as a man.

Importance of a wedding band

Wearing a wedding band is beyond a cliché – they have deeper meaning! This aspect of this article will discuss in detail the relevance attached to wearing a wedding band.

It symbolizes dedication

Wearing a wedding band is a symbol that one is married, as mentioned earlier. And since wearing a wedding band as a man indicates that you are married, it shows that you’re not available for any form of romantic relationship.

Aside from the fact that a wedding band on someone symbolizes that you have tied the knot with someone, the shape of a wedding band also means something.

The shape of a wedding band is circular. It’s not just because it needs to enter the finger but because it symbolizes wholeness, eternity, infinity, etc. Therefore, a wedding band symbolizes eternal love.

It serves as a reminder

Putting on a wedding band not only notifies other people that someone is married but it also reminds the man that he is married. This might sound a bit funny and weird, however, it is true.

It reminds you that you are married and need to consider your wife in whatever decision you need to take. Also, it reminds you not to carry out some actions that you might be used to when you were single.

In other words, a wedding band serves as an alarm that constantly beeps the reminder “hello, you are now a married man”.

It portrays a united font 

Wearing a wedding band shows the outside world that you and your spouse are one and united.  

Think of a scenario where your wife is wearing her wedding band and you are not. This sends a message to people around you that there might be something wrong between both of you. That is, it portrays a not-so-united font and makes people think they can easily break you and your wife up.

To avoid this, ensure that both you and your spouse always wear your wedding bands when going out. You can check out the perfect and unique men’s wedding band styles on

It shows affection

Wearing a wedding band portrays affection towards your wife. It shows that you are attached to the woman you are married to and that she has significant value in your life.

Also, the ring may act as a memory that can make you reminisce about the affectionate, loving, and good times you have shared with your woman.

It shows commitment

Wearing a wedding band is a form of commitment to your significant other. Wedding bands have been a sign of commitment for years even dating back in time to the middle ages when a man will give his bride and her family a very expensive gift to prove his commitment to the relationship and marriage.

Wearing a wedding band shows that you are committed to the marriage and you are proud of it.

It pleases your wife

Most women love it when their husbands wear their wedding band often. This simple act will please your wife and make her happy. And what’s a marriage without you satisfying your wife and making her happy?

Even when there’s a misunderstanding between the both of you, when you wear the bands, it tells your wife that you’re still in love with her despite the disagreements.

On which finger should you wear your wedding band?

The importance of wearing a wedding band has been established above and you should ensure that you wear your wedding band often.

Another thing that baffles a lot of men is which of their fingers they should wear their wedding band and if there’s a significance to that.

Well, the question of where to wear your wedding band depends on what is generally accepted in your locality. In some regions, people wear wedding bands on their index fingers.

However, typically, wedding bands are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand which is called the ring finger

Final Thoughts

The use of wedding bands is quite important and relevant. The importance has been stated above. Wearing wedding bands has now been made easy as they are now made in stylish ways with a variety of luxurious and comfortable materials which include diamond, wood, platinum, cobalt, etc.

Make sure you choose a wedding band that suits you and also form a habit of wearing it often.


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